I thought I would put down my thoughts on all of the heroes, some of the combos that I think are viable with them and also possible magic items that work well with them. All of this is obviously my opinion but it would be great to get some input from others to expand these thoughts:

So I'll start with the aggressors.

Obvioulsy he's a ranged hero, great for long range damage and pinging a model nearby for an extra 2 damage. The obvious item is +1 ranged, however +1 agility or -1 Resilience against foes (he gets this as a L3 fate ability but having this permanent is good against the defenders) are also useful. I don't think he would work as your only aggressor unless you have some good defenders and/or supporters to back him up as he can be tied up by enemies rushing him. A very fate efficient aggressor, however given he has a low number of boxes if he takes a few hits you may want to heal him.

I have never used Cassio, however have faced off against him a few times. He's got a short melee range and not a huge damage output, however his biggest play is around the knockdown and stun abilities he can dish out. Also once he gets to L3 the extra activation is awesome. Give him boots of speed and he can charge 8" with a 1" threat range, knock someone down potentially then charge another model, then dragon kick them. You could get 3 knocked down models in 1 activation which is crazy good. Boots of speed I think would be good on him to make up for the low melee range, however vorpal blade will help him get those 3S's or boots of agility will make him pretty survivable. You will want to use his dragon kick ability often and so need to make sure you are getting fate otherwise his usefulness drops.

Another Elven ranged aggressor, this time with magic attacks though which means no aiming bonus. Her innate ability to reduce resilience by 1 is great, give her the armour shredder and she can take down the likes of Thrommel pretty successfully. Her blaze ability means she can port out of melee without taking any parting blows, however by not having a melee weapon of her own she can't inflict any parting blows unfortunately. The best magic artefacts I can see for her are the armour shredder against a heavy defender force or the +1 magic, otherwise the agility boots to make her agility 6, given she will be behind your front line thsi will make her pretty hard to kill. Her L2 and L3 innate abilities make her nasty for anyone who gets too close to her. A great option as you won't be dropping too much fate into her which is important if you aren't winning the fate war.

Rakkir is probably my favourite aggressor if not character in the game. He only has a 1" melee range so must get in close to use his daggers. He can dish out a good amount of damage, however if he gets his poison special action off his fate ability can finish off the toughest of foes. Beware though that to poison an enemy you must damage them and against the res 2 defenders this will mean at least a solid hit plus 2 symbols so 1 symbol must be a J. This means the armour shredder is a good option potentially though I prefer the boots of agility or speed. The vorpal blade is always useful as well and the leech blade makes him quite interesting as he can self heal when he dishes out damage (though this option would depend on the rest of you force). Using shadow tokens is the key to getting the most out of Rakkir, if you happen to have Zaron in your list then you can threat the entire table quite easily. His L2 ability is fantastic for hit and run attacks. Note though that Rakkir is very fate hungry so you will need to be getting a fate a turn to make the most of him.

This guy is a beast, literally! I think he is the most fate efficient aggressor you can have but can also fill a pseudo defender role. He comes with a base 18 boxes and regeneration 2 though he is only agility 3. His fate ability is fantastic, however you don't need it to use him to kill stuff and when he gets to L3 it doesn't even cost fate anymore. His throw ability is fun and also useful to get rid of enemy models from contesting shrines etc. Obvious choices for magical arterfacts are the vorpal blade, the boots of agility or armour shredder, however recently I gave him the leech sword and he was almost unkillable. His L2 ability is fantastic for pulling models out of position, dragging supporters into the frontline, getting other models into charge range etc. Once he's at L3 he gets up to 23 boxes, if you don't kill him in 1 turn he will make you pay for attacking him. I love this guy.

Zaffen Ironhelm
I hate facing off against this guy, he is great at killing stuff from a long way away. While only being movement 3" he has a mighty 10" range on his crossbow. Zaffen gets to fire twice if he doesn't move meaning he also gets the aiming bonus. He is naturally res 1 being a Dwarf making him even tougher to kill if you can get to him. His special actions are great to use to knock down enemies or poison them making them easier to kill (note also that Rakkir can use this poison if he's in your list as well). His fate ability is great for finishing off models after being shot twice. Obvious choices are the +1 ranged item or armour shredder but I think he can run without any items at all.

Zhonyja is a killiing machine, however becomes very fate intensive to get the most out of her. Generally if Zhonyja is charging a model and has fate she will be aiming to kill that model. Needing a crit to apply fury is dangerous as you can't bank on how many fury the enemy will have but generally with a charge and an additional attack you should have 2 (1 for charging and 1 crit). Putting the vorpal blade on her makes this even more likely, however she is very fragile still, I would consider the leech blade on her or even boots of agility. Having someone like Styx in the list to pull her back is another useful combo I would be looking at. The last few games I have had her in my list she has been banned as her potential damage output it fantastic. She gets better at higher levels, however the good thing about her is that these things don't make her better at killing enemies so her output is straight out of the box. The L3 ability is more to prevent models about to die from finishing her off as they will likely die in return meaning no one gets any souls.

Next up I will go through the supporters.
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Great write up Simon! We have such an awesome set of Aggressors in the 1st wave, as I read through your post, for each one I was pumped to play them next time. [smile]

In a 5v5 game I think my two favourites are Rakkir and Thorgar. I normally give Thorgar the Vorpal Blade, it just takes him to the next level and I seem to rely on his throw Combat Manoeuvre when I use him, it is always in the forefront of my mind. A reliable thing is to throw monsters into the enemy backline, both Ashtooth and Inferno are Agility 3 and your opponent is then left with the choice of trying to kill them with whatever activations he has left of face a rampaging monster tearing through his backline. Also throwing an enemy model that has already activated is a sure fire way to kill them later in your turn. Late game I tend to equip him with the Glyph of Warding (+1 RES). It does depend on the map because some provide more late game Fate than others however he is really tough to bring down with +1 RES.

Rakkir, these days, I tend to not give him any items. He just works so well with his standard kit. Getting to level 2 is his priority as Escape is just an incredible way to do hit and run tactics and also gives him a convenient way to return to the Effigy to bank Souls. Against shooting heavy Warbands I do sometimes equip him with the Boots of Agility. An effective AGI 6 vs RNG and 5 vs MAG is nice (combined with his Cloak of Darkness). Rakkir remains my favourite Aggressor atm.

In 3v3 games I find that Istariel is just incredible. The smaller map means her 8" RNG can reach almost anybody and she can also stay within 5" of the Effigy to bank Souls at will. The 3v3 map size also reduces the relative power of Rakkir's Shadow Orb movement so yeah I have found my preference does shift when playing on the smaller map.

Looking forward to the rest of the write up! [smile]

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Yeah they all can  find a place in different builds and I can't think of any I would say I will never use as they just aren't good enough. Some don't match my style of play as much as others so I haven't used but I can see their effectiveness.

Yeah you seem to have defenders in your lists whereas I don't hence why I use Thorgar as a pseudo defender. I don't want to throw enemies away as I don't want them to charge me. This is why I find the leech blade a good option. The vorpal blade is an awesome option though on any of the melee aggressors and even some of the supporters.

I haven't played any 3v3 games so can't really comment but yeah Zaffen, Istariel and Allandir would be great ion the smaller map.
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So next up I'll go through the Supporters. These guys are essential if you are looking for a balanced list.

I am so glad I got my hands on this model as before that I never had any interest in playing him. I picked him so I could use the model and he is now up there as one of my 3 favourite supporters. His 3" melee range is perfect for charging the monster and doing some damage before bouncing off without taking a parting blow. He can also engage most heroes without being engaged so they can't charge you but have to move up to engage. His soulgazer stat of 5 means he can try and gaze souls in a pinch and he has a pretty ddecent melee stat with some good damage output. The vorpal blade is actually a valid artefact for Bastian. His heroic ballad can make your aggressors even better, plane walker means he can cover heaps of ground in a single turn including getting out of trouble quickly and prayer of health is awesome at keeping your characters alive. His L2 and L3 abilities take him to awesome levels at being able to negate your opponents from getting souls from your heroes and doubling the stats on artefacts is pretty situational but potentially game changing. I don't generally run him with any artefacts but vorpal blade is probably the only one I would take if I didn't have a very strong aggressor presence.

Straight into another of my top 3 supporters. This guy is an absolute workhorse, he generally opens my game by taking some shots at the monster from 8" away and moving forward weakening it for the melee guys to finish off. He puts out a decent amount of damage, has base agility 4 and res 1 meaning he is not easy to put away. Combine this with a 3" melee range and he usually isn't right in the face of an enemy anyway. Then you look at his abilities, his hex bolt can curse a model meaning it can't get souls next activation. This affects soulgazers but also enemies that are about to kill a model as well. His best abilities though are his idols, the healing idol well placed can heal D3 health off a number of friendly models and the voodoo idol placed behind your aggressors will make enemies think twice before charging in and taking D6 damage. His fate ability takes another D6 damage so he can really dish out a decent amount of damage when necessary. His L2 ability is great to save him an activation to preserve an idol and I have never got him to L3 but destroying an item on an enemy could be useful if you have the fate to do so. I never run him with any artefacts and generally run him close behind an aggressor or 2 with his idols protecting them but always ready to charge in to finish off an enemy.

I haven't used Lori in any games, however have faced off against her. Being a Dwarf she has a move of 3", however she has the Fiery Flask ranged attack which has a decent 6" range and can also set enemies on fire with 2 symbols. Her headbutt attack can stun but I wouldn't be using her in melee unless desperate. Her L2 ability is what you should be aiming for to get all your Dwarves and Minotaurs a +1" move. Give her the boots of speed and she can get around the field quite well. Her action abilities are useful with a small heal and her ferocious charge guarantees a stunned result. Not a bad supporter but in my opinion more suited if you are taking a Dwarf/Minotaur heavy list.

This guys is annoying to face off against and I've had to do so many many times. Being an Elf he has high agility so is hard to hit, is fast but also has a small number of boxes. He doesn't dish out a huge amount of damage but can push with his magic attack which can be useful to pull a model in for another model to charge or push them away. His action abilities though are what makes him great. Duplicate self means he ignores the next attack, this means your opponent must try and use an attack to get rid of it. I generally try and use Zaron, Haksa or Styx in my lists to shoot it off before charging the likes of Rakkir or Thorgar in to dish out the damage. This makes Piper great at holding an effigy as he can soak up a few attacks. His mystic step allows him to port out of melee to move away without taking a parting blow and his fate ability really ups his output, he can soulgaze under this ability on a 7 or combined with his backstab ability can dish out some hurt as well. His L2 and L3 abilities make him even better as he gets a free duplicate self by attacking an enemy and Taunt can save another nearby model form getting hit. If you are going to give Piper any item it would be the boots of agility as this would make him pretty hard to shift with Duplicate Self up.

He is in my top 3, potentially top pick. This guy opens up a lot of useful combos and options within your list. He has good base stats, Agility 4, melee/ranged 6 and soulgaze 5 means he isn't going to be easy to kill, can soulgaze if need be and can hit most enemies. He can dish out a medium amount of damage at both range and melee. His Mind Blast ability which can either Curse or Stun can really help out in a pinch to save friendly heroes or stop souls being collected. Dark Passage is a great ability to pull your aggressors who have overcommitted back to your lines, Switch can be used to put an enemy character into melee with one of the monsters or pull a model out of position. Switching with a supporter behind the lines puts Styx behind the enemy and also the supporter in the middle of your lines to allow your guys to kill him without getting to far forward. Shadow Drain is very situational, however if you have Rakkir and/or Zaron in your list then remember these Shadow tokens don't have to be enemy ones (they cost no actions to drop and use no actions to destroy, giving the only free heal in the game). His L2 ability is good but isn't generally going to win you games. The L3 ability though allows you to finish off an enemy hero, combine with the Shadow Drain and you can put 10 damage on an enemy for only 6 on yourself. A great toolbox character, I have never given him any artefacts and think he works great out of the box.
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Great write up Simon! With the Supporters I find you can have them fill roles where you might be lacking, after opponent bans and/or scenario setup. Example, Piper and Lori can both be given Vorpal Blade or Heartseeker (Lori) or Ring of Power (Piper) and used as melee or ranged guys, as required by your Warband.
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Next up I'll go though Defenders. These guys are the tanks that can soak up a heap of punishment and also often take the hits off your more fragile characters. I often play lists without any of these guys but this makes things a lot harder for your forces. They are pretty valuable models to have overall.

Base 20 boxes, Res 1 and regen 2 makes this guy a great defender, he is tough to kill and heals back automatically. Stone Form makes him even tougher at Res 3 and combined with re-direction he can really soak up the hits. Stone Grasp is great as well to prevent enemies from moving away though they can hit him once and push themselves away to then move off. If you can get him to L2 or L3 then he becomes even better at not dying as he gets more boxes and heals more back. If you are going to give him any artefact I would go with the Boots of Speed as he will usually only be moving twice in a turn before Stone Forming, the Vorpal Blade i you need him fighting (though I would be questioning your list selection if that was the case) or if you have the spare fate the Res item to make him almost untouchable in Stone Form.

Sir Marcus
Agility 4, Melee 6 and Res 2 with 16 boxes means Marcus is a tough dude. He can attack with either sword to dish out damage or shield to knockdown an enemy which is a great ability for a defender. His Protective Stance will help reduce the damage some of your other non-defender models suffer and his ability to drop a wall is pretty good to block charges on friendlies or give them cover when needed. His L2 ability is great to slow down enemies and his L3 fate ability will all but nullify any enemies within the blizzard from doing anything substantial. Place this on a soul and watch your opponent try and harvest the soul! Marcus doesn't really require any artefacts though the vorpal blade would help him get the knockdown, boots of agility will make him tougher but really can run as is.

Thrommel Ironbeard
The Keg! This guy is a walking brick wall, 18 boxes, res 2, though only agility 3 and move 3". His hammer is a 2A weapon which means you will only be getting 1 hit a turn and using all 3 actions to charge. I have used him a fair bit and this is the one thing I don't like about him. He hits really hard but only once a turn. This is not to say he isn't a great character as he sure is, I still really like him but he just doesn't suit my current lists. His bodyguard ability is awesome for the +2 res on a friendly but beware it can be exploited by a cheap ranged shot at someone within range. Concussive blow means that at least your hits should get a stun result to limit retaliation and combined with Hammer Time's knockdown will really ruin an enemies activation. L2 makes Thrommel an immovable object so feel free to plant him on the shrine knowing he can't be pushed away and L3 turns him into a Dwarven cannonball. Great defender but you really need to get him levelled up to get the most out of him.
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Agreed Tirrith, under the pick and ban you really need to make sure you have good interchange options as you never know what your opponent will ban. Supporters are perfect here as some can play as semi aggressors/defenders and the correct use of magical artefacts will assist that. As I've said before I love the way the artefacts work as you can build your list but adapt it on the fly. 
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Lastly we have the Soulgazers, these guys are designed to capture the unbound souls floating around the map. Some people believe you absolutely must have at least one of these in your list and others can go without opting for either supporters to fill this role or going down a different victory path.

I have used Kruul a bit early on and he is a great guy, however not my favourite gazer. He has a great magic stat but doesn't dish out a heap of damage (this goes up with each soul you have bound however that becomes a fine line as the more you hold on him the greater a target he becomes), his fate ability can also trigger on this attack to unbind a soul on the enemy model. Transference limits the damage to your game if he does die with soul bound as he can palm 1 off to a friendly within 4". His melee attack can curse a model limiting the soul gathering your opponent can do which is handy and null magic is great to blunt the enemies game plan. As he levels up he becomes better at limiting soul gathering for the enemy with soul distortion making the enemy soulgazing job harder and then at L3 he can switch on the orc heroes to dish out a heap of pain.

This Elf is probably the weakest in the game when it comes to dishing out damage, however what she lacks in this area she makes up for in her other abilities. Her Aura of Light is great for healing everyone in your force when they are quick compact and as with Kruul her damage goes up with every soul she has on her. Being an Elf she's move 5" so quite fast which is great for getting into position to grab the souls. Augury helps to reduce the effects of a bad roll (need to clarify but I would say she can use this on herself to re-roll a missed soulgaze). Holy shield protects your models specifically if you are up against Rakkir and/or Zhonyja and soul beckon can unbind enemy souls moving them toward you (if this is from a non soulgazer they will potentially struggle to get this back). At L2 she becomes more useful at healing and L3 being able to bank without porting back is fantastic.

This little Dwraf is full of tricks but brings to the table both a melee and ranged attack, not high damage but some nevertheless. Against melee attacks he becomes res 2 making him probably the toughest of the soulgazers to take down in melee, overall still probably the hardest. His saplig toss can stun which is always useful, he can command monsters to move which I found out the hard way how useful this is when Inferno was set upon me! Astral Intervention gives him a 2nd shot at a failed soul harvest or the ability to pick up 2 souls in a single turn if lucky. At L2 you need not worry about monsters anymore which for most of the maps is usually an issue for the soulgazers and at L3 he can run around with souls knowing he will only lose 1. Probably the most powerful of the soulgazers ability wise especially if used correctly. Unless you have Loribella in your list I would consider the boots of speed for him though as the Dwarves really have a hard time at Move 3" especially for a soulgazer who needs 2A to gaze a soul.

My favourite of the soulgazers as he provides a lot of abilities to the lists I am running currently but is also just awesome. His melee stat is weak at 5, but magic 7 means he can dish out a bit of damage from 8" away (I use this early to weaken the monster before charging in). He has explode which does 5 damage to enemy models within 3" meaning almost dead models can't go in to finish him off, even weakened enemies have to watch out. Gift of life allows him to give out leech, on the right character this is great as they can self heal whilst killing off the enemy. Zaron can place shadow tokens for no action which can benefit him at L3, Rakkir can use these as well if he's in your list and also Styx can destroy them (for no action) to heal 4 boxes which is a crazy good combo. His fate ability allows him to summon a skeleton which can operate on it's own (though only 2 activations) and can be used to soul harvest through. This means that Zaron can cover most of the board or hang back and harvest souls from the safety of the backlines (He can actually harvest and bank in the same turn if he starts at the effigy). At L2 his skeletons get explode, though only doing 3 boxes it still is always handy to dish out damage. At L3 Zaron is able to use the shadow tokens to shadow step himself, this is awesome as he can port back to the effigy to bank souls for the next turn or just get out of trouble (shadow step can be used even if engaged so you can get out of trouble before losing souls). I have never run Zaron with any artefacts as he works pretty well out of the box. I would also be wary of raising too many skeletons unless you have an over supply of fate, I generally have 1 to gather souls for me and possibly block charge lanes as well.
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