Will a hero gain the benefits of the hunter’s knife vs Vujasha? 

Her voodoo void rule states that heroes “do not gain statistical bonuses from magical artifacts while resolving an attack against this model...” 

It was clarified in the discord rules chat that Bastian’s enhance magic, which is also worded as “statistical bonuses,” would only double the statistical attributes of Agi, Mel, Mag, Rng, and Res. 

Compare this to Kruul’s null magic where the wording is “models do not gain the benefits or effects of magical artifacts they possess...” 

I am inclined to believe that a hero WOULD gain the extra damage against Vujasha, as the extra damage is not technically a statistical bonus. The same would be true for potion of ogre strength or any of the other artifacts that offer non-statistical effects. 

The hero would not benefit from Vorpal blade, Ring is Power, Heartseeker,  glyph of warding or boots of agility, as these are considered statistical bonuses.

Is this correct? 

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Yes, it works as you explained and that was the intention as well. 

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