The 1st hero creation from the "Become a Hero" backers has entered final play testing, so I thought it was a good time to broadcast the statistics card for general viewing. As you will know from the earlier sneak peek the new hero is an Ettin, a 2 headed large humanoid similar to an ogre.  The play testing code name for the hero is "Schaeke 'n' Bayke" and without further ado, here is his card! [smile] 


Despite being an Ettin, SnB counts as an Orc in the game. The scholars of Onathien are largely in agreement that Orcs are the natural ancestors of Ettins that over time evolved into their own race. 

A couple of things stand out after a quick glance of his card, he has low MEL, very low AGI and a massive amount of health. This is keeping in line with the hulking form of a huge cumbersome humanoid that can soak up a lot of damage. The low MEL is immediately offset when you realise SnB has dual wield. A fantastic ability that effectively doubles the number of attacks he can dish out during an activation. Dual Wield immediately promotes the use of on-hit items such as Blood Sucker (Leech 2) or even a Vorpal Blade to mitigate his low MEL somewhat. And of course thoughts of SnB wailing into a knocked down opponent will bring a smile to most. [smile]

Combo Strike provides a wonderful option if you just want to do a solid amount of damage more reliably, and with a decent chance of both Stunning and Knocking Down your opponent with the Knock Out combat manoeuvre. It also has the added bonus of an extra attack dice after all other modifiers, which ensures you at least have 2 dice in your attack pool when using this ability.

SnB's level 1 Fate ability, Soul Burn, is situational, however can be absolutely devastating with the right set up and is a late game monster ability. There has been a few games during play test where SnB has simply destroyed an enemy model carrying 2 Souls blowing the game wide open.

SnB also introduces a new mechanic with what is effectively 2 level up trees, a choice of which head to gain powers in whenever you gain a level. Note that only one head can be levelled up during a game so once you choose a path at level 2, you are locked into to choosing the same head's ability at level 3. Schaeke's level up path involves enemy denial with 2 very powerful abilities that can basically render certain heroes ineffective. Adding an extra 1A cost to Active Abilities or removing Innate Abilities altogether can completely upset your opponent's plans. Bayke's level up path is basically a tank one, dramatically increasing SnB's survivability so depending on the situation you can tailor SnB to fill the role you need.

All in all, SnB is a wonderful addition to our 1st wave of heroes and once again brings a raft of new abilities and strategies to your Judgement battles. And the model is going to look absolutely amazing. Resident illustrator, Shane Cook is just putting the finishing touches to the new Marcus illustration before diving into SnB. Can't wait to see what he comes up with! [smile]

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I was one of those people to suffer the effect of his Fate ability. He's a great character with some fantastic abilities. Most importantly he is not overpowered, however also not under powered. He is a real toolbox that can be adapted mid game to suit what you are up against which is the type of versatility you want in a force. This is what I like about the way magical artefacts work, you can pick them id game to suit what you need. SnB offers a similar role with his 2-tree level up style.
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