The purpose of this is to discuss what items to look to play with each of the heroes and what reasons you might do so. This will not be an exhaustive list, and additionally if you feel that you have something to contribute to the discussion please do so below! I'll try to keep this updated as new items and heroes are released as well.

I decided as I started to write this to do a bit of color coding:
Green means that its a good buy for the hero
Yellow means its also likely a good buy, but either more situational or just not as recommended
Red means that I actually think its not a good buy or that its a trap of sorts to get it.


Generally speaking Doenrakkar is not going to be your highest priority to try to put an item on because he's pretty good at doing what he does. I would put him at a lower priority generally speaking than some other heroes on you giving him an item, but there are still going to be a few that show some promise!
  • Bracers of Disruption - Against a warband with heroes such as Istariel, Barnascus or Kvarto who can apply fire to Doenrakkar these can be a great value. If you have a hero such as Bastian or Saiyin who can remove or prevent it I would skip over this. If not however, consider the Bracers in some of the other instances.
  • Vorpal Blade - This one might sound a bit odd, but Doenrakkar actually has a damage profile of 2/3/5 which puts him on par with most of the aggressors in the game. If you have a warband a bit lower on damage or you are going to need to get more contributions, consider putting this on him.
  • Null Stone - With the changes in Patch 7, this becomes an item that should prove to be pretty strong on a hero that can stand farther forward to shut down more of the magic items from the opponent. Obviously remains a bit reliant on them wanting to buy them, but still strong when it makes sense.
  • Gift of the Gods - I'll mention this item from time to time, but it definitely can be a stronger late game option for sure, and it can cause a re-roll essentially from anywhere on the table, so it has potential to save a warband from time to time. Putting it on a model who doesn't otherwise need a defensive item is ideal.
He is the sort of Defender who actually has a lot of different things that he can be doing. Much like Doenrakkar I wouldn't say he's always the first place that you'll look to put an item, but he can make strong use of them
  • Boots of Agility - With the Human defensive profile of AGI 4 and a RES 2 he's already pretty tanky, however going from AGI 4 to 5 can be pretty substantial in how it can affect the dice of your opponent, and as a Defender he doesn't have the highest health pool actually so a little bit of help can be fantastic.
  • Minotaur Essense - This one goes hand in hand with the +1 AGI item. Whether or not I look to get this item or the boots will depend a bit on the rest of the warband. If you have very little to no healing, I would recommend this. Reason being that while its hard to damage him, if the damage does stay on it will add up over time and you'll be surprised what might bring him down. Having the additional, persistent sustain can have a great impact.
Currently I have not played her and there probably isn't enough games out there for folks. I'll update her after there is more data available

You'll see more than a few folks actually comment to say that Skoll is more of a Hybrid who has the restrictions of a Defender. They're definitely not wrong in that regard at all. Generally he's decently self-sufficient in the ability to be reasonably tanky, but there are still some things I would consider with him
  • Vorpal Blade - Skoll is actually one of the best damage dealers in the game with the right set of circumstances. He has Dual Attack which allows for his damage profile of 2/3/4 to actually do a surprising amount of damage, but its limited by the fact that he's only MEL 5 and on top of it the 2nd attack will drop the dice pool by 1.  Vorpal Blade and another +1 (Frequently why Bastian or anyone with Knockdown is a good pick with him) and suddently Skoll can be doing upwards of 8 damage an attack action!
  • Potion of Ogre Strength - Similar to the Vorpal Blade, if you can get to a point where he's can get some extra damage, throwing in +1 means that even if he's just glancing you can get 6 damage out of an action possibly. Since you can only use it once its a bit more situational, but in the right situation its great
  • Demonic Blade - This one is specific to Dor'gokkan, but I actually think that for the same reason as the above too items that it can be very strong on Skoll. You do want to be careful that you don't need him to camp a shrine or be a soulgazer for you due to Curse. If not though, this can definitely put a lot of damage out there. Another very strong use of it is if you're going in on the effigy because you don't care about Curse at all then.
  • Null Stone - With the changes in Patch 7, this becomes an item that should prove to be pretty strong on a hero that can stand farther forward to shut down more of the magic items from the opponent. Obviously remains a bit reliant on them wanting to buy them, but still strong when it makes sense.
Skye is actually a model that more than a few items on him can be quite strong. Some Defenders are there to be fate-light and support the warband. Skye is one that the more you invest in him the more he can do for your warband in my opinion
  • Minotaur Essense - Skye is already looking to try to get in there and get Serpent Strike off which will give him up to 2 health back. However, since Skye doesn't have any other sustain aside from his extremely high AGI and that healing, it is not unwise to give him some more sustain that isn't reliant on your models.
  • Ring of Teleportation - We haven't mentioned this one up until now, but this item can give a level 2 Skye the ability to much more easily get a nearly dead hero model out of certain death and back to the effigy for only one action. Combined with Skye's ability to move 10" this can allow you to frustrate an opponent who was already starting to mentally add +1 soul for the model that they were about to kill.
  • Blood Sucker - This can provide Skye with a similar boost as the Minotaur Essence and does stack with the Serpent Strike healing. That said I tend to think that the Minotaur Essense much of the time is going to be a better choice because there'll be turns where he's not going to really attack sometimes I find and you'll still want the sustain
  • Tome of Experience - I haven't tried this one, but I'm reasonably sure that if you can pull this off you might just end up winning some games. You want to try to get Skye into an early monster to go to level 2 and then use this to get to level 3 quickly. Ideally you want Skye to only have to charge to get this off because then he can accomplish all of this on turn 1. At that point you unlock the ability to have +1 RES for a lot of models, temp HP and sharing damage (which by the way is not true damage, making this ability even better!).
  • Vorpal Blade - If you don't need your aggressor to have this, Skye can be a great choice. It gives him more likelihood to get Serpent Strike off which can definitely be clutch.
  • Null Stone - With the changes in Patch 7, this becomes an item that should prove to be pretty strong on a hero that can stand farther forward to shut down more of the magic items from the opponent. Obviously remains a bit reliant on them wanting to buy them, but still strong when it makes sense.
  • Boots of Agility - It might seem like these are a good item for him, because what's better than AGI 6? AGI 7! However, because of how high agility works in the game, its pretty frequent that you'll get diminishing returns with it. With that in mind I do not recommend buying this item for him unless there is a very specific reason for him to do so.
Thrommel likes to have a fate to make sure that he can get Hammertime off, but there aren't a lot of other things that he needs. I would not focus generally on getting him items most of the time, but there are a couple that might do well
  • Minotaur Essense - Basically if you scroll up and read my commentary for why Marcus and Skye like this item you can see why it would be good on Thrommel as well. Basically, gives him a bit of sustain to back up his RES 2 and HP pool that is a bit larger
  • Boots of Speed - MOV 3 can definitely be detrimental to our short friends, and since he's only getting one big attack often you want to make it count.
  • Boots of Elvenkind - Sounds like an oddly named item for a Dwarf, but similar to the Boots of Speed, the Boots of Elvenkind can insure that he is able to get where he needs to go even if there's a wall in the way. I think you go for Boots of Speed if you generally think that its forest type terrain or open terrain you're dealing with. If you're suspecting you'll be dealing with lava or walls, go for these.
  • Tome of experience - I actually think this is a bit over-rated, but Thrommel's level 3 ability can be absolutely powerful. Because of how he works you don't get to do it until turn 2 and you have to set it up, however, if you can do it this can be incredibly powerful for you.
  • Null Stone - With the changes in Patch 7, this becomes an item that should prove to be pretty strong on a hero that can stand farther forward to shut down more of the magic items from the opponent. Obviously remains a bit reliant on them wanting to buy them, but still strong when it makes sense.
  • Boots of Agility - Might be ok, but in general I think the leap from AGI 4 to 5 is going to be more significant and worth the investment than from 3 to 4. If you're going to buy these, I'd contend that they're almost always going to be better on another hero in your warband.

I would actually say of the ranged aggressors that Allandir can definitely get by without too much in the way of item support, but there are definitely some that he would like to use. I generally would suggest that aggressors are going to often (not always) what your fate and items going towards them. That said, its good to identify ones that NEED them and ones that WANT them. I think that Allandir will often lean more towards the latter.
  • Blood Sucker - I listed this one first for a reason, but even still it won't necessarily have to be every game. One of the reasons for this item on him is similar for all aggressors in that they usually are dealing damage which can allow them him to heal 4-6 HP every activations. However, the other reason is a lot more important and that's that it can allow for him to afford to take a Parting Blow when he's engage. Most aggressors aren't going to do more then 5-6 damage at most and many less than that. His naturally high DEF allows for him to generally not get a JJJ knockdown or even too high of damage. Then you turn around and take 2 shots and you're back to a healthy position.
  • Heart Seeker - This one is obvious, but it allows for him to make sure that he's getting more dice on shooting. Since you don't have a built-in situation with ranged where you can get more dice other than aiming, this can be pretty important. Additionally, you aren't always going to be able to aim and also there are a lot of things in play that can reduce your efficacy. I would still probably avoid having two heroes in your warband that compete for this item, even if you don't need it every game with Allandir.
  • Hunter's Knife - This one is going to be corner case, but part of why I want to put it here is to make sure folks know that it does not only apply to melee attacks, despite being a "knife".
If there was any model in the game that I think needs one particular item almost 100% of the time it would be Brok, but there are also a few other items that he would like to have!
  • Vorpal Blade - I'm not sure if there is a single other hero in the game that needs the Vorpal Blade more than Brok. Even if you have Bastian I would recommend getting it for him in fact. Brok doesn't have a fate ability (aside from his level 3 and that's situational too) to do damage, so he needs to make sure he's doing his best to get that 8 damage out of a crit+solid. To enable that he needs to be rolling as many dice as he possible can.
  • Blood Sucker - This is going to be a theme with aggressors, but this item can pretty much be good for anyone who can do about 2 damage an attack action and is likely to get more than one attack action a turn. Brok fits that bill. NOTE: You can not heal on both the initial and the backswing, its per attack action.
  • Bracers of Disruption - With low AGI, he can be very succeptible to a lot of combat maneuvers, and fire can be particularly problematic for him after level 2 since it can prevent Heroic Destiny.
  • Elixir of Life - Can make Brok at level 2+ such a pain in the ass to kill unless you have fire because you have to do it THREE times. More or less will mean they bring fire and/or they just ignore him.
  • Null Stone - Can be situationally great because its a defensive item, but it will let him ignore things like the Boots of Agility. So you get more dice while using this to ensure you're keeping the dice you need. Even with the changes this will still function in this manner, but now it might also have additional effects.
Something to keep in mind with this one is that he's not really been played a whole ton at this point so this is one of the more likely to evolve listings.
  • Demonic Blade - There is no better hero in the game to give this item to than Fazeal! Its all upside for him because he's already cursed and even while cursed he harvests souls. +1 MEL means more chances to decapitate and +1 damage means that theoretically he can put out 14 damage with a decapitation! Most of the models in the game have 13-16hp to start off with so you can imagine how absolutely powerful this is.
  • Vorpal Blade - He really, really wants to get that Decapitation off and getting J J on your dice is hard, so the more dice that you can throw at that, the better. Not generally shocking that aggressors want an item that gives them +1 to their primary attack stat.
  • Armour Shredder - Since his damage is so reliant on the decap, this will allow you to actually do 2 additional damage at times rather than just one which it does for most.
  • Astral Stasis Potion - Fazeal wants to charge in to make a lot of value, so anything that you can use to keep him safe to get him out without dying.
  • Boots of Elvenkind - He definitely wants to be charging and would love to be able to sit behind a wall until that point to do so.  This certainly allows for that situation.
  • Blood Sucker - In his case because of Leech 1 already being there I would actually recommend avoiding this. I don't think the meager additional healing is really going to be beneficial.
Who doesn't love throwing fireballs at their enemy? No one, everyone loves that. So how can we help her do that better? She is actually pretty self-sufficient, but here are some things to consider.
  • Ring of Power - I would generally consider that this needs to be nearly an auto-buy for her. Same reasons as some of the other items, but she definitely wants to be getting that 2S Burning condition applied to get all of her abilities to work as you need them to. She's probably the most reliant on getting this particular item.
  • Armour Shredder - Generally her ability to ignore 1 RES is going to be enough, but if they decide to go with a high RES warband with a lot of 2 or more, then consider this since she will ignore basically all of their RES.
This isn't a hero that I have played a lot, but I think there are a few different things that Kogan wants. Keep in mind, to me I think that he's all about shooting that gun, and you might need more than items to make that work, however that's not what this thread is about. I just want to mention it so it can be seen why I'm picking what I am
  • Heart Seeker - Obvious pick, but you want to get as many dice with that hand cannon so that you can get that sweet 3/4/5 damage from a gun. Also more likely to get the Knockdown off as well.
  • Blood Sucker - Minotaur's already getting 2 hp at the beginning, adding more sustain to the mix can definitely make Kogan a menace to try to kill.
  • Boots of Speed - This one is a stretch, but I think that you might be able to use it to get more attacks off with his short range, especially if the things that can set that up aren't there.
  • Astral Stasis Potion - Kogan has a short range, this could definitely come in handy for him to do some work but be in a place that you can get back to safety.
Definitely a good hero to invest items in, something of a running trend with aggressors I would say. She actually can function without them though I have found, but will definitely depend on what she has in her warband and what the opposing warband consists of.
  • Vorpal Blade - MEL 7 and dual attack means that Nephenee often is going to want to be able to really get as many dice as she can much of the time so that she's getting the crits and also getting the Curse off so she can use Laser Storm. I'm often less certain even into higher RES if this item or the next one is better. Vorpal allowing for a higher likelihood of the crit can still mean she's getting 2 damage vs the 2 RES heroes, but will mean that those glances aren't doing much.
  • Armor Shredder - I mentioned it in the above post, but if you're seeing a lot of lower AGI and higher RES this is definitely something to consider so that she can start getting through some of that with her lower glance/solid damage. Also, if you have access to a lot of other things increasing her accuracy, then go this route I would say. In a vacuum I think I'd still lean a bit more on Vorpal Blade.
  • Potion of Ogre Strength - She gets a BUNCH of attacks, assuming that she has to charge in you could end up getting an additional 4 damage out of this, which is massive in a lot of cases. This item in particular is probably undervalued, but there aren't many things in the game that actually just increase damage rather than increasing the number of dice you throw.
  • Boots of Stability - A bit situational, as there needs to be someone who's looking for a knockdown from your opponent, but if they have a model that can do that they'll be gunning to get her down so that she's much more killable. These are probably almost always better than Boots of Agility for her because of the diminishing returns on AGI, but this means that she's pretty much impossible to knockdown making her actually pretty tough to kill.
  • Hunter's Knife - She's actually not too spectacular at being able to take down monsters because she's so reliant on getting those higher amounts of damage. However, since this is +2 damage, even her glances are going to hurt a monster a LOT. I would certainly use the approach here of having a model buy this for her and pass it off, then have her go into the monster and trade it in for the other items she wants. Her getting level 2 is also incredibly important for her 3" movement at the end of her activation.
  • Demonic Blade - Naturally be careful when you equip this to her, but it can be amazingly strong for sure. Its a combination vorpal blade AND always on Potion of Ogre Strength and in this case even works on the Effigy! Further, it allows yet another source of Curse which is situationally easier for her to apply. That said, if you're going in to heroes with this and you finish them off you'll be a bit disappointed. The place that I think this has huge potential is going into an Effigy. Moving her from 4 to 5 on her critical means that if she charges into an effigy she can actually do 16 damage to it on her own. I haven't pulled this off yet so it might just be wishful thinking, but you might surprise an opponent who wasn't worried about you ending a game when you only have a single soul.
  • Blood Sucker - Leech 2 is still strong on her, but she does need to be getting a solid or better on her initial attack to make it worth while really. Probably not as good as it is on a lot of other characters, but still worth consideration.
Everyone's favorite assassin! Rakkir is definitely a hero that you want to make sure that you're investing in, and items can help with that. However, with him you do want to make sure that you're evaluating just how important they are vs how much fate you're getting. He often wants a fate to re-roll to get that poison off AND a fate to toxin (and on occasion you want yet another fate to re-roll the toxin damage). So here you're definitely going to want to choose wisely!
  • Vorpal Blade - I'm sure there's a theme being noticed here that most of the melee aggressors like this item, but that's because they do. In this case Rakkir desperately needs to get those 2S and manage to get at least 1 damage (which on some targets means that he needs at least a Solid) so that he can do his thing. This is just one of the items that can really help make that happen.
  • Boots of Agility - Going from AGI 4 to 5 is definitely the sweet spot if you ask me, but I wouldn't say these are critical for him at all honestly, they might come in handy though if you're finding people are getting to him more than you expected. Also can make him AGI 6 vs ranged attacks which can make him pretty much unkillable from those types of attacks
  • Blood Sucker - I have had games where this was very clutch, ensuring that he gets back 2-4 health a turn. Since he's usually getting less attacks this isn't as valuable on him I'd say. Probably increases in value on the 3v3 maps if you're playing Rakkir there since its harder for him to hide.
  • Boots of Speed - This is an item that I need to experiment more with, but I think on Rakkir there might be some merit to it. He has a melee threat that is only 8" compared to 9" for basically every other melee aggressor in the game. I could see this low-key being amazing, but its definitely a lot harder to quantify than some of the other options like Vorpal Blade.
  • Armor Shredder - I probably would avoid this item on Rakkir to be honest. You want to be using Toxin to get that extra true damage in and frequently he's only going to be getting one attack anyway. Even against someone like Doenrakkar in Stone Form you'll be rolling more dice and should be able to get the crit + toxin off enough I think. Could be some situational use where its alright, but I wouldn't be looking to go for this often.
Honestly, one of the reasons that Thorgar is great is because he doesn't really need anything to do what he does. He's already kind of hard to kill for being an aggressor. He's already doing higher damage on his lower attacks which makes reliance on them not too big of a deal. He has Regeneration to keep some damage off of him. He doesn't really have a fate ability that triggers off of needing a condition like some of the other heroes. I would generally bring him specifically when you want someone who is less reliant on fate. But I'll touch on a few you might consider.
  • Glyph of Warding - This is the first time that I'm mentioning this item, and I'm still going to put it in the yellow category, but Thorgar is already such a pain to kill that I think you could see an opponent really balk at having to deal with this on him. Would be especially good in 3s where you might not have a better hero to put it on. That said this is an investment of 2 Fate for an item so not sure I'd too often be over-eager to get it because of that.
  • Hunter's Knife - The only reason that I mention this is because of his higher natural damage this can actually put him in a place where he can steal a kill or flat-out get a kill from a single attack. Gloom has 8 HP and with this he does that on a crit. Some of the others similar. I don't know if its necessary but watch for when it might bring value.
  • Vorpal Blade - He's still a melee aggressor, this still can have value for him. Its absolutely not as critical as it is on other heroes though.
  • Armor Shredder - Sort of the same as above, if you know he's dealing with more armor you'll make his attacks just that much more valuable with this. I don't think its necessary either, but in the right situation you can get value from this.
This is someone that I need more table time with for certain, but my first thought is that he's a model that needs to be reserving fate first off for making his demons, so keep that in mind with any situation where you're looking to get an item for him. That said, lets sort of look at what he might want to pick up.
  • Armor Shredder - Unlike a lot of other aggressors, Viktor has a 2/3/4 damage track and doesn't have anyway to increase that until you get to level 3 to use Hex. Instead he's using his summons to put him over the top for this. With that in mind, you might consider this item to make sure you're able to chip away. That said, I would still warrant this as largely situational.
  • Blood Sucker - Could be more worthwhile on him than I would have initially considered, but it makes it so that he's able to be self-sufficient. His demons are probably going to die at some point, or he's going to intentionally re-summon one to double-dip on damage. This can make sure that his meager life doesn't deplete too low. That said, his best safety tool is still going to be to make sure he's positioning well with his magic and using his teleport to be in a safe place.
  • Ring of Power - Marking this as an item to generally not be too concerned with getting even though I'm sure many of you are saying "but he's a MAG aggressor". There still might be situations where you want it, however, he's getting +1 MAG for each soul floating around which means he's already to MAG 8 or 9 in a lot of cases. That's going to be plenty good most of the time, and then you're saving that fate for more important uses.
Generally referred to in the game as the closest they plan to get to an artillery piece. Zaffen wants to definitely play into that definition, but he's also the longest range damage dealer in the game, and he has Pathfinder native, as such he doesn't need much, but there are a couple we should discuss.
  • Heart Seeker - Zaffen wants to be aiming a lot more than the other ranged combatants in the game, and that's to ensure that he's getting 2 shots off. This is often going to mean that he's not going to be able to position as much to avoid things like cover. Furthermore, he wants to be able to get the knockdown and/or poison off and this is just going to help him that much more. I would prioritize this item for him in any warband that he is in.
  • Armor Shredder - If I had a category between yellow and red I might put this in there, I only mention it because there might just be situations where they have low enough AGI and enough RES that this would be better than the Heart Seeker. I think those instances will be rare though, but they might be out there.
She can do just so much damage when she gets put into the right position. With the "standard" aggressor damage array of 2/3/5 she's obviously strong there, her fate ability means that often when you put her into a target she's going to be able to spend a fate to do 2d6 true damage to them as well, and that's after having done 10 damage (before RES) from basic attacks. MEL 8 as well as an additional +1 on the charge really means that she's pretty accurate right out of the gate too. Often forgotten is that she does +1 damage when she's at 7 life or less too. She can hurt a target. What you need to do is hurt that target and not die immediately after that, some items can help!
  • Astral Stasis Potion - I think she was immediately the first hero that I thought of when I saw this item pop onto our radar. She's definitely going to want to charge in, and keeping her alive through one more activation can be absolutely clutch. This is something that would give you enough time for her to stay alive until someone like Skye, Styx, Sharn and so on can get there to pull her out.
  • Boots of Agility - Zhonyja has the AGI 4 that all of the Orcs have and as such going from 4 to 5 I find to be incredibly good. Since she gets Pathfinder when she gets to level 2, having these will really help her when she can also be in a forest or behind a wall to avoid damage from ranged and magic attacks. In melee its also going to reduce them pretty aggressively for what damage she can get initially.
  • Blood Sucker - Probably still consider this. I know that she kind of wants to be at 7 life so that she's getting that extra damage. That said, its kind of a trap to play too hard for that in my opinion. I wouldn't go for this item first by any means, but I would consider it at times.
  • Vorpal Blade - I'm going to mark this as red, because I want to point out that I actually almost never look to put this item on her because of her higher base MEL in the first place. IF you're up against Skye, Piper and other AGI  5+ heroes, that's the situation. Otherwise, this item can go to your other aggressor or can be saved to get Reaper's Call to do what it needs to do.

Generally Bastian is there to help your list out and as such you probably don't want to be spending a lot of on him for items. I think there might be some situations where it will be warranted however.
  • Gift of the Gods - This is a bit of an under-rated (or unknown) item. Since Bastian doesn't often need much else I would consider it for him later in the game if you can, it could really help you secure a victory.
  • Ring of Invisibility - If you're playing him you're probably playing a lot of melee. If you happen to be playing that melee into someone who's attacking from range, this could be a very important consideration for him because they're often going to target him. If he can utilize the 3" melee properly you might not really need this, but consider it nonetheless.
  • Boots of Speed - This is about the only offensive item I would even consider on him, and even then I think its likely not warranted too often. It would allow him to position better to get use of things like his heal, getting in the right place for Heroic Ballad, and being able to gaze a soul easier. That said, he does have a 12" place effect so don't get too crazy feeling like you need this either.
How she supports is actually a lot harder to quantify than some of the other supports. She's probably one of the closer ones to being a Hybrid to be honest, but that's ok. She doesn't really heal though, which is one of the things many of the other supports do, so you're not playing into that. I would nearly put her into the category of the sort of "off-tank" sort of description, or even "Bruiser" in some ways. Here's what I'd look at for her though.
  • Glyph of Warding - If you can afford the 2 fate to give her this item she's going to be so much more of a pain to kill than most might imagine. She basically turns into Thrommel, with 3" melee, more movement, pathfinder and regeneration. One of the things in the game that can be massive is giving some of these tankier models that aren't actually Defenders this item. I think it might have its absolute best home here on Gendris though.
  • Ring of Power - Her damage track is 2/3/4 which is the same as Viktor and Istariel actually, but at a shorter range. That said, she can engage out to 3" and still use her magic attack (unless its against another 3" melee range hero) which is almost always more accurate. If you can get her to level 3 this will absolutely pay more dividends because now that 2/3/4 damage can be spread to 2 different heroes, but you need the 2S to do it.
  • Blood Sucker - If you don't think you can afford the Glyph and you do see her making more attacks than using her abilities, soul gazing and such then consider this. Probably not high on the order, but think about it.
  • Tome of Experience - Completely theory machine, but if you know you can get fate and she's not competing for the Ring of Power, you can probably use this to get her to level 3 much faster and then turn her into a damage spreading machine. Might be more cute than good, but I thought I would mention it.
Another of the off-tank/bruiser types, but the big difference here is that Haksa is already going to be doing some healing! Quite a bit of healing if you allow for him to do so actually. Much like Gendris, if you increase his survivability he's just going to give fits to your opponent and can really stand in for a Defender often. Make sure you aren't spending so much buying him items that he isn't using Equilibrium though.
  • Boots of Agility - I think with him being AGI 4 already that the boots are going to be better more often than the Glyph of Warding, but they're both quite good on him. AGI 5 and RES 1 can be pretty sensational to say the least. This also only costing 1 fate instead of 2 puts it higher up in priority I think.
  • Glyph of Warding - If you can spare 2 fate this can also be very strong. If you have enjoyed playing Sharn or Marcus, you know that AGI 4 and RES 2 can be very strong, and then backed up by all of his heals and being able to engage farther out makes him very tanky.
To be fair, I have not played her a ton but I have seen her in action and have a fair bit of an understanding what I'd consider with her. She definitely wants a fate to use the keg to keep herself or others disengaged. After that, you're wanting to let her use that short-range gun of hers to unload on a target. She can actually do a surprising amount of damage that many people don't realize.
  • Heart Seeker - She's almost always going to be the priority for this if she's in your warband. I would be hesistant to play her with Zaffen just because of fighting over this item. If she can manage to get her maneuver off she's capable of putting out 8 damage an attack action, so getting more dice like we mentioned for Aggressors like Rakkir and Istariel is very critical.
  • Glyph of Warding - Going to be a theme for Dwarves who are closer to the front lines and when you have the fate to spare. Starting at RES 1 and going to RES 2 can definitely increase survivability significantly.
  • Potion of Orge Strength - If you know you'll be getting her to shoot against a knocked down, or maybe Retarius'd target a lot, you might consider this. You increase her to a potential of 10 damage an attack action with this, and I don't think I have to tell you how phenomenal this could be.
  • Armor Shredder - I would avoid this with her. If you need to do true damage with her use the active abilities that are on her card already which I think would be a better use of her activation and fate.
Styx kind of does a lot of things, but a lot of those are already built into his kit. I wouldn't generally suggest that you want too many items for him because you want his fate for a good swap OR you want to save it so the things he's setting up can have fate they need to seal the deal. There are a couple though for him too.
  • Ring of Teleportation - He's probably the absolutely best home for this item. Move up 5", swap 8", spend an action to go back to the Effigy so that you don't give the opponent a free kill. Huge.
  • Vorpal Blade - Low in the consideration, and absolutely give it to another hero who would need it more first, but this (and the next entry) can really help him when he's level 2 to get the 3" push off to get more control out of the attacks
  • Heart Seeker - He does ok damage, but really I'd look at this for the same reason as above which is to help enable his abilities. Low priority but something to consider if there isn't a better model in the warband to use it.

Soulgazers are an interesting bunch, you don't often want to be spending fate on them so much as just getting souls out of them. That said, I think each of them have some unique takes on what they want to do and what you can do to help them contribute to your game. I think the more you can potentially get out of models in this class the better your comp will be.
  • Ring of Power - What? He's not an aggressor, what are you doing? Well. The thing with Kruul is that his damage increases throughout the game for each soul he has so you rarely want to not have souls on him. His ability to strip souls is also tied to his magic ability, so this can be a very strong artefact for him to have. You get 2 or 3 souls on Kruul and he's going to lay some heavy damage out there with this and/or ensure that he can get a soul off a model.
  • Ring of Invisibility - I think you'll see this one a lot with Soulgazers, but if you can get him into position where he's 4" (or closer) to the soul pit and then spend the 3rd action to go invisible that it can be pretty back-breaking to anyone who's relying more on ranged/magic damage to do work.
  • Boots of Agility - Orcs and Humans are all pretty solid with this, you could consider it for him if you want to give him a bit more defense, or if you don't think you can afford to sacrifice an action to go invisible every turn.
Very unique approach, she's mostly a support that happens to also be a soulgazer (compared to like Bastian who's a support who happens to soulgaze often). Most of her abilities don't really lend themselves to needing much to help her out. She also has high AGI and wants to stay more in the backlines, so she doesn't need a lot of items necessarily.
  • Ring of Power - Here is popped up again. One of the things with her is that she's one of the best counter-punches to someone getting a soul near her. She has MAG 7 and gets the benefits of friends in melee, she just can't charge. However, she does 2/3/4 for damage and it increases by one for each soul on a model, meaning that she can actually get to a point where she's at 3/4/5 or even 4/5/6 sometimes if someone's not paying attention. I would prioritize this item on other models before her most of the time, but it can be strong if played well.
  • Gift of the Gods - I've talked about this a few other times in this article, but putting this item on someone who doesn't really need much can end up with you being able to really mess with your opponent's plan later on in the game.
  • Boots of Stability - She has naturally high AGI, but she will turn into a target at some point. If they have Knockdown its going to be coming for her for sure, this can dissuade them from even trying, let alone succeeding at it, which should keep her alive.
One of the tankiest soulgazers into melee due to RES 1 and Barkskin, there are definitely some strong things for her to consider to help her game plan more.
  • Glyph of Warding - She's already RES 2 vs melee, now imagine if she's Doenrakkar, without spending an action or losing her AGI 3 and can still boss monsters around and gather up souls? Seems pretty good! Its a steep fate cost, but definitely worthwhile if you can.
  • Ring of Invisibililty - She's comfortable dealing with melee as described, but if they have a lot of ranged and especially if that range can mitigate her 1 RES (looking at you Istariel) then I would really look into this.  At this point she can normally stand where she wants to a bit farther behind the lines and within 4 of a soul and be perfectly safe.
I think she's definitely the most awkward soul gazer to try to wrap your head around. She's almost entirely about her active abilities, and she would love ways of getting more health, but she also can't get more regeneration than she has. She's also not much of a direct combatant either.
  • Ring of Invisibility - She's AGI 3 with no RES, this might be the best place for this item if you can get your positioning down. Some turns she'll be annoyed she can't really use this and other turns if you didn't have this you'll find yourself not having much to do with her. I'd recommend using this in the situations where she's going to be a target from afar.
  • Gift of the Gods - Similar to the other heroes I've recommended this for, she doesn't often need other items and might be a good place for this.
This guy is definitely an interesting model. I think he can actually do more damage than folks realize because of a combination of his summons and his MAG attack. That said, between wanting to soul gaze and re-roll that when applicable AND make a Skeleton as many turns as possible, those are the first places that your fate should be going.
  • Ring of Power - Similar to Gendris, he has a 2/3/4 damage track, meaning that he can actually do some reasonable damage into things, and then if you combine that at level 2 with being able to charge in with a skeleton which will later do Explode 2 he can put out a little bit more damage than you might expect.  You'd still prioritize this on other heroes that have magic usually, but definitely consider this.
  • Boots of Agility - Same as usual, its a good buy on the Human AGI 4 statline. I would prioritize this on other models first though.

Another guy that I don't have a lot of table time with. I'd actually say that he's mostly an aggressor to be honest, but he's sort of split between how he wants to do that. There are a lot of items that can pull him in a particular direction, which I think is something we're going to see a lot out of the models in this category.
  • Heart Seeker - He takes a big penalty to spread damage around, but I think its something you want to be able to do with him. His statline in melee isn't all that impressive, and I think a lot of what you'll want to do with that is aim for a knockdown. Really, I would bump up this ability to do damage at range with this fella.
  • Glyph of Warding - Again, he's not a Defender, so getting up to RES 2 on a model that can do a lot of damage can definitely be very strong. Additionally helps him since he has to be closer into the action.
  • Potion of Ogre Strength - Probably hard to utilize, but this can spread a LOT of damage out potentially given that its +1 damage for all of the damages he'll deal. If you can hit more than one target you'll be getting a lot out of this.
  • Blood Sucker - More sustain on a model like this which has to be a bit closer to the action is definitely going to be a good thing. He does 2 with his glance so this can help keep him in play more.
  • Vorpal Blade - If you really don't have anyone else that is doing melee, this can actually help him out to ensure he can get a knockdown. Might be strong depending on your comp to consider. I would absolutely prioritize true melee aggressors over him though.
Is there anything that Jaeger doesn't do? Not really, he's probably one of the best utility models in the game, he pairs with almost everyone. I wouldn't expect he's the top priority for items, but you might still think of a few to give him.
  • Heart Seeker - His primarily mode of damage output is to use his ranged attack, and like any of the other models that do that, improving it with the Heart Seeker is an excellent idea. Further, this makes it better for him to try to strip a soul off of an enemy model.
  • Boots of Stability - He's already AGI 5, and can play farther away. If you can see someone who might be aiming to get a Knockdown to setup a kill this will be a very clutch piece to have for sure.
  • Armor Shredder - Similar to the Heart Seeker this can make it easier for him to pull off a soul or get more damage through. At level 3 he can ignore up to 2 RES this way much like how Istariel can.
  • Boots of Speed - He's the (currently) only MOV 6 hero, but going to 7 could be amazing! I don't know if this is good or moreso cute, but I think sometimes there is merit to taking something that is strong and making it even stronger!
Hybrids are all interesting, they can often do damage in different ways or do other thing that are a lot harder to quantify. Kvarto is actually a model that can benefit in a lot of ways from a lot of items.
  • Glyph of Warding - Get him to level 2 to be immune to Poison and the +1 RES from there, add another RES and the already high AGI of 4 and he's going to be hard to deal with and can help you sort of fill the role of a Defender if yours got banned.
  • Boots of Agility - Much like with Haksa, sometimes its going to be better to go up to AGI 5 than RES 2
  • Ring of Power - His MAG attack is actually pretty decent and can cause fire, so if you don't have another model that is pining for this, you can absolutely consider giving him this item to help put out more damage (or cost them more Fate)
  • Vorpal Blade - Same sort of logic as with the Ring of Power, only this helps him put out more Poison. Damage is similar, though easier to go to a higher number with it because charging is a thing. Again if someone else can use this, they should, but if not he's a great home for it.
He can be one of the hardest models to kill AND can be one of the most damaging models too surprisingly if you set it up. He can get his own stats up to 7 with fate, and increases melee damage if a friend is there to help too. His defensive stats increase too and Duplicate Self is a great ability. He's going to need to figure out in a game if he's fitting in more of the Aggressor role or Defender role.
  • Vorpal Blade - Going on the offensive, this can be very key. Gets him up to MEL 7 without spending a fate and up to 8 if you do, which is going to really help him get that 3/4/5 damage out of attacks. It will also help at level 2 when he wants to use Viper Venom to put up Duplicate Self for free.
  • Glyph of Warding - Have you ever wondered just how hard it is to deal with an AGI 6 RES 1 model that ignores the first attack that comes to him? Well, if you have 2 fate laying around you can find out. Him not being a Defender allows him to use this item, and at that point he can be quite the menace.
  • Boots of Stability - Much like the other high AGI heroes, being able to disincentivize a Knockdown and prevent one is going to be very strong.
  • Tome of Experience - Only really recommending because getting him to level 3 so that he can use Taunt can actually be game winning all on its own.
  • Minotaur Essense - Mentioned because if he's going more defensive and isn't necessarily dealing as much damage, but RES doesn't make sense, I'd probably look to consider this
  • Blood Sucker - If you're taking on more of the offensive role, but you don't want to spend 2 on the Glyph and Knockdown isn't likely to come up, consider this as well.

Situational Uses
I wanted to add in a section on situational use of items as well! Some of the items didn't get a lot of love above, or got it sporadically, so I'm going to go through the items in this section and talk about some circumstances that I think it makes sense to consider these.

Defensive Items

Astral Stasis Potion - You might imagine that any of the one-use items are going to be covered a bit more in this section. I think I did a decent job of pointing out who can benefit from this above, but there are some caveats to consider. First, if you know there is a hero who is going to get stuck in, you might want to buy this ahead of time so that its read for you at the right moment. Additionally, if you are in a deep spot and can grab a monster kill, grab it, and get this off that could be a huge turn around. Now, to discuss what to consider, make sure you actually have a plan with this. If you aren't the last activation or you don't have some other way to pull the model out or give them more defense in some way, consider saving the fate because this item is not really going to help you out.

Boots of Stability - If you see Thrommel, Marcus, Thorgar, Zaffen, or Barnascus on the other side of you, consider putting these on who ever will be their #1 target and/or anyone more reliant on AGI to stay alive. I gave examples above.

Bracers of Disruption - I pointed out the best options for this I think above, but really anyone who getting a condition would be very detrimental these are going to be worthwhile. Also, there are a few things the likes of Saiyin and Bastian can't help you against so this would be worth consideration for those, important one being Jaeger pulling a soul off of you I think.

Elixir of Life - I would put this into the same situation as the Astral Stasis Potion. It will generally require an opponent to need more attacks than they have. Its a one use item, but you can hold onto it early and it will really muck up how your opponent might want to go about approaching a kill. If you can pair this with a hero that has their own healing it can be incredibly frustrating.

Gift of the Gods - This is more of a late game artefact for sure. Always consider it on a hero that doesn't really need other items, because you get the effect no matter who has it. As noted by a poster below, this can be incredible for hopefully bringing your opponent's spike on something like a Fazeal getting Decapitation for example. If you lack much fate I'd probably avoid this.

Healing Surge - Always be looking for when you use this. Its pricey at 2 Fate, but this can completely turn into what feels like a table-flip moment. It costs an action to use, but it can be used by a hero that is not the one that needs healing if you can get into b2b. Killing someone like Ashtooth or Dor'gokkan late in the game in particular to get 2 fate and then push yourself b2b with the model that needs it can completely turn a game on its head. Really though, this is true for all heroes which is why it didn't get mentioned above.

Null Stone - I gave a few instances of this in the hero break down, but obviously use out of this will depend on what items your opponent is going to bring. One of the best uses of this is that it can actually allow you to double up on offensive items against anyone who bought the Boots of Agility. With the changes in Patch 7 this also now becomes a stronger item on models that want to and/or can play farther forward, and a weaker item on models that want to hold back and can't get within 4" of the enemy.

Offensive Items

Boots of Speed - This is an item that I didn't really discuss, because frankly its theoretically good for any hero. Adding threat range is always going to have value, but its going to cost you the ability to use something like the Vorpal Blade, or Armor Shredder, etc. If you have a second aggressor you don't need the +1 to their stat as much, consider this. Really though, anyone can make use out of this item.

Hunter's Knife - I wanted to specifically discuss this, but one of the best things to do with this is turn 1 buy it from a different model than the one you want to put into the monster. Then pass it off to the model you do want to attack the monster with. Have them charge in, kill it off, and then when you collect the bounty you trade it back in and buy the item(s) you want and/or have the fate you want.
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I found the information useful so far. Thank you for putting the time into writing it. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the categories.
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good read there buddy. thanks for putting the work in and posting. 
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This is a great read and a fantastic list. I don't disagree with any of it and hadn't thought of several of the combos listed. I really need to give Bracers of Disruption and Gift of the Gods some chances in the late games. I never buy those items.

Thanks for writing this up!
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Definitely worth reading through, lots of good ideas, I think its a bit hard to suggest some defensive items because they are very situational depending on the enemy warband, you don't want ring of invisibility against a full melee team. And gift of the gods gets super important when you are facing down a Fazeal. Thanks for sharing your list though definitely a good jumping off point for understanding the items. 
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Added the situational section, still WIP
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Updated for patch 7
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