Hi everyone, 

I am contemplating delving into the game as I have grown a liking for wargames/skirmish/MOBA-style games as well as painting. 
The wargame thirst is going to be quenched by Infinity but for the skirmish/MOBA side, I am looking at different games (on different sides of the spectrum, as games such as Aristeia or Skytear are quite different) and Judgement is one of them. It looks very good, but aside fro its high price tag, which I think I can digest over time, I am a bit worried by the lack of strategy discussions here, as for me this is usually a sign of a healthy community. I know the game is still young and niche, but still, it's been about 2 what's going on ? 

are there other venues for discussions ? In the same vein, I saw some interesting battle reports dating from 2018 or beginning 2019 from On tabletop or battlecast, but then, next to nothing. So what's going on ? 

Finally, are there players in Europe ? How is the game developing in your area ? What other games are you playing and what drew you to Judgement ? 
thanks ! 

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Hi @lillumultipass!

Welcome and thanks for joining. To be honest, the community discussions take place on our Discord channel or our Judgemental Facebook group. 

Discord is definitely the most active for the community. You can join it here ->

The game has the biggest player base in North America, with groups of players in Australia and the UK. There are a lot of people that have models in Europe, however, there are no big groups that we know of.

In saying that, the game is very vibrant and we are continually bringing out new models and patching the game every 3 months.

The best thing would be to join the Discord channel and chat to people on there.

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Judgement - The 54mm scale, MOBA inspired, table-top miniatures game