I played a game today using the paper items provided and was looking over the rules of course so that I could explain to my opponent as well as refresh myself.  I believe in the Core Rules it states that the maps pack will inform you on how many hit points the Effigy has for a given game, however in the Maps document I did not see them.  I recalled from a video that it was 16 for the 3v3 version, but did I miss something or does this need an update?

Additionally, I figure that a thread for any rules questions wouldn't be a bad thing to start and for now they can all be contained in one place.  Looking forward to models and more games!
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Hi Cheddercaveman,


Great idea to have a rules thread. We are working on the new version of the rulebook and that will be completed by the time we are ready to ship the KS products.

The Effigies do have 16 health points for the 3v3 game, 20 for the 5v5 game.

Every Soul you hold does 4 points damage!

Feel free to ask away!

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A buddy and I have recently started playing also; and we love it. We are only 3-4 games in, and so are still figuring out the finer points of the rules, which is to be expected. A quick question:  the rule book states that the communion phase begins from turn 2 onward, which would mean that no souls or monsters are spawned during turn 1. Is my reading correct?
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We are cleaning this area up! [smile]
Monsters do spawn at the start of the game, first turn. They do not move until the second turn (communion phase).

The first Soul spawns at the start of the second turn (communion phase).

So at the start of the game you will have the terrain set up, monsters spawned and all heroes in your deployment zone. 

In many games players attempt to kill the monsters first turn to level up and for the loot (magic items or Fate).

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We had another question come up:  Bastion's level 2 says that it gives "double the numerical bonus" of artefacts. What would constitute a "bonus"? Obviously, +1 AGI would become +2. Would his ability affect the Armor Shredder's ability to ignore 1 RES, or make the Blood Sucker bestow Leech 4?
Another question we had was whether abilities of the same type stack; ie Cassio hits level 2 and gets Leech 1, then Zaron gives him Leech 2. Does Cassio have Leech 2, since that's the highest, or does he have Leech 3?
Thanks so much for the quick feedback; we're loving the game and looking forward to the official launch.

Edit: we had 2 more questions come up during the course of the game:
1) is it intentional for a model to claim the engagement bonus vs ranged/magic when they are only engaging the enemy effigy?
2) regarding forests and line of sight, the way we read the rules, if a model is standing completely in a forest, there cannot be a line drawn to them that doesn't cross over the terrain feature, so LOS is blocked. Probably just warmachine cross over, but it felt wrong for my opponent to not be able to target the mostly dead Bastion who was hiding in the forest. (He died to Loribela exploding keg anyways). That reading also seems contradicted by the rules regarding cover and forests; the intention seems to be that models can target enemies standing in forests at a penalty.
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Hi DPennington,

Bastian's level 2: Yes it increases the numerical value of artefacts. So the armour shredder would reduce the target's RES by 2 and it also doubles Leech. On Bloodsucker (Leech item), we have reduced its Leech to 1 as 2 was a little too good (the cards will be updated). But Bastian's ability would increase that to 2.

Abilities do stack unless stated otherwise. Cassio has Leech (1) and Zaron bestows Leech (2), Cassio would have Leech (3) if Zaron gave him the gift of life.

1) Yes you can claim the engagement bonus when engaging the enemies Effigy. Remember the Effigy itself has no melee range, but you can engage it.
2) Well spotted, the updated rulebook is still being revised but we have cleared that up. We have edited the rules, line of sight is not blocked by a forest if a model is within that forest. You can see a model in the forest but still suffer the penalty of using range attacks against them.  

Feel free to post some of your battle reports on this forum, would love to see what Warbands etc... you guys are using! [smile]
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