Hi guys not sure if its been discussed before, but I was wondering what the thought process was behind making than game area round? Its one of the questions I get asked quite often when telling people about the game. Is it purely for asthetics or is there some element of game design behind it?

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Hey Vandy,

The story of why Judgement is played on a round board goes back to the very early stages of the game's development, and essentially is a combination of aesthetics and game design. It was decided very early that the game would be played on a 3' square (for the 5v5) and a 2' square (for the 3v3). These sizes were purely by design, because we wanted the battle field to be in scale with the models. The distance they could move, the range of their spells and missile weapons, and their base size, were all considered in the contest of the battle field. The game had to feel like a brawl, 2 gangs of heroes going hammer and tongs in a confined space (like a brawl in real life).

The change from square to circle originally came about due to the fact the very early play testing was held at Evan Ferris' house, and he happened to have a 3' circular dining table... [smile] True story! However once we played one game on that table, we agreed at that moment that the game should be on a circular battlefield.

The idea was reinforced by two things:
  • Judgement's MOBA origins which include mighty heroes fighting it out in an arena. Similar to the gladiator pits of the Roman times. 
  • We wanted to reduce the ability for heroes to harvest souls and hide. The rule where a hero loses any souls bound to them if they end their activation in their own deployment zone was another rule introduced to reinforce this.
Thanks for asking the question, hope that answer helps you when new players query the reasoning behind the circular battlefield.

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