A friend picked up Judgement and a couple extra models at PAX Australia, but I wont see him til Tuesday.

I know Thrommel and Istariel come in the starter set, but what are the cardboard cutout guy's? (I also got Bastian and Sir Marcus to go with Istariel, while he got Piper and Brok to go with Thrommel)

Any thoughts/tips for those teams?
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The standees in the Starter box are Sir Marcus, Kruul, Rakkir, Bastian.

With regards to the models you have, Bastian and Marcus are a wonderful combination since it makes Marcus' Shield Bash pretty reliable, particularly if you equip Marcus with the Vorpal Blade as well. Anyone knocked down is pretty much going to get 15 damage (and be on fire) from Istariel if she starts in range. Marcus' wall is also a great way to protect Istariel from any heroes that are gunning for her. 

Ironically, both Brok and Piper would similarly benefit from Bastian, if he was in their warband. However Brok and Thrommel pretty much operate well on their own. With regards to Piper, you will have to choose which role he will play, and he could actually slot in nicely as the Warband's Soulgazer and all round nuisance guy. Considering you will probably want to give Brok the Vorpal Blade (to get those crits) Piper will have to go without and therefore will work as a second tank or, as I said, a hybrid Soulgazer.
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