I am going to use this thread to track my progress exploring Barnascus in light of the recent criticism he has received from various quarters. I think he is in the right place and I want to find out whether I am wearing rose coloured glasses. The diary will also be useful to determine whether he needs any tweaks for patch 1.8

Initial Warband

Barnascus, Doenrakkar, Skoll, Bastian, Haksa, Thorgar, Zhonyja

This was put together with a few synergies in mind. My plan is to use Barnascus primarily as a melee model. I want to try and give him the 1st turn monster kill where possible and equip him with the Vorpal Blade. With that in mind, I chose two aggressors that have a reach of 2" and also do not rely on the Vorpal Blade so much. I also chose Bastian and Haksa so at least one of them is available. 3" reach is important to get the 1st turn Inferno kill on the forest side of Scorched Earth and they also help Barnascus in combat with their reach and also with keeping him alive (as well as other models in the Warband as well).

Doenrakkar and Skoll provide redundancy in the defender role, with both providing good protection for Barnascus and other models.

The ideal 5 for this Warband is: Skoll, Bastian, Barnascus, Thorgar, Zhonyja

I am keen to try this Warband out for a while to see how it goes.

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Game 1 vs Nightflier - WIN

Nightflier's Warband:- Sharn, Marcus, Jaegar, Svetlana (dropped), Istariel (banned), Fazeal, Nephenee
My Warband:- Barnascus, Doenrakkar (banned), Skoll, Bastian, Haksa (dropped), Thorgar, Zhonyja

Scorched Earth - Map 2

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 12.01.02 am.png 
I managed to field my ideal 5 in this game. I managed to get the 1st turn Inferno kill for Barnascus and equipped him with the Vorpal Blade. Unfortunately, I then got overzealous and advanced him up the board which left him in charge range of Nephenee on the 1st turn (Sharn dragged her into range). So he died on the 1st turn! 😬

The game was actually really tense and close. Zhonyja, despite being charged by Fazeal twice, managed to kill him both times in return for two banked Souls. Barnascus recovered somewhat to get a charge, over the wall to do 4 damage to Sharn and knock her down at the feet of Thorgar, who proceeded to kill her. Barnascus actually reached level 3 with a late Gloom kill as well as doing some damage to Marcus who was finished off by Zhonyja for the 5th soul and win. Another highlight was Skoll doing 9 damage via Soul Burn on Nephenee (2 souls) and a further 4 to Jaegar (1 Soul) from the one cast. 

In the end, Barnascus played a decent supporter type roll, chipping in for damage and a knockdown which both lead to kills. He died once, which was more my fault so overall I give him a 5/10. Definitely enjoyed the Warband and enjoyed playing him so super keen to get some more games with the Warband. Won't change anything for game 2.
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Something I do want point out is that Barney didnt die on the 1st turn, Nephanee left him on 4 which meant that she was able to lazer storm first thing and still get to walk and charge zhonyja on the other side of the map. 

I also want to point out that you did get to play very fate rich which can be somewhat rare on Scorched earth. This is pertinent because you were able to invest a large amout of fate into Barney (which hes often in a list to be a fate light hero), 5 to be exact outside of any re-rolls, albeit the last was buying ago boots which both a gimme as you exess fate and inconsequential. He also cost you 3 hero activations to get the inferno kill on a side of the map that was likely to be largely ignored. Looking back I most likely should have had marcus starting on the opposite side of the map to contest both of the shrines turn 1 which would have made a massive diffrence in the game
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My opening sequence to get that Inferno is always 3 hero activations. I do it all the time now, regardless of who I am trying to give the level to. I find it provides a big advantage in the game to get an early level, a magical item and the Glyph of Ember, and it means Inferno is not bearing down on me when I want to grab the Soul on his side (which I did grab 2nd turn). In hindsight, I should have given Barnascus +1 RES or +1 AGI from the Glyph, as well as not placing him that far up the field perhaps.

The 4 Fate investment is just standard for a key piece. One was to do his Fate ability which killed Gloom and did 3 True Damage to Marcus. One was for the Vorpal and I think 1 was to heal. I think that is ok. You spent 2 Fate on Fazeal and he died twice in the game. 

I still think Barnascus gets the rough end of comments for some reason. I am giving him the Vorpal because he is great at knocking down models and he plays the melee role in my Warband. Even though he died top of turn 2, he still contributed by setting up two models for kills and only died that one time. His threat also forced you to move Jaegar next to Nephenee to stop him charging over the wall to her, which let Skoll tag both of them with Soul Burn, and also forced Marcus to charge him late in the game to stop him which meant Marcus was close enough to Zhonyja for her to finish him off, after Barnascus did some damage to him. Also, that Marcus charge with his shield, you did not get the dice you needed, however, he had Steady (level 2) so it would not have mattered.

I actually think the 5/10 may have been harsh in hindsight. I am super keen to try this Warband again, with Barnascus. And he is probably never going to draw a ban at the moment. 🙂
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judging (pun intended) by gge read, i would say 5/10 is very harsh indeed.  
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I got another game in last night using Barney. 

My Warband: Barnascus, Doenrakkar, Kvarto, Fazeal, Playtest hero, Skye (not picked), Zaffen (banned)
Tirrith's Warband: Marcus, Gendris, Zaron, Thorgar, Viktor, Nephenee (banned), cannot remember (not picked)

5v5 Cobblestone map 1 (trialling new terrain)

The primary purpose of this game was to try out the hero we are revealing at Gen Con. However, I took the opportunity to try Barnascus once again. This time I did not prioritise him as I wanted to prioritise Fazeal, so the Death Knight got the level and Boots of Agility from the Ashtooth kill. I kept Barnascus at the back early in the game, which is a more viable strategy on the cobblestone, as opposed to the Scorched Earth. Doing so meant the early exchanges could be soaked up by Doenrakkar and Fazeal backed up by a substantial second wave of Kvarto and Barnascus.

Barnascus was once again impressive, in no small part due to an unexpected synergy with Kvarto. The highlight was charging into Marcus doing four damage (after RES) and knocking him down and then following it up with a twin Flame Thrower shot targeting Marcus and a nearby Thorgar. That did a few more points damage to Marcus, adding the fire condition and doing decent damage on Thorgar. The very next activation, Kvarto was able to mind control Barnascus to do a twin Flame Thrower shot again (yes, he can do it outside of his activation). Followed up by Kvarto charging into Marcus, doing two more damage and adding Poison to his Fire and Knocked Down conditions. 🙂

Barnascus soon become the focus of Jeff's attention; however, after surviving the initial attacks, he was able to heal for eight in his activation by using a single Fate and Repair. Barney eventually died, but it took a lot of activations to get rid of him, which meant the rest of my Warband could go to work.

Overall, it was a solid day's work for him once again, and he did an admirable job as my second aggressor behind Fazeal. That included not gaining a level or getting a magical artefact the entire game. Since I started this journey, Barnascus has gone up in my ratings. He is also enjoyable to play.
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