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Excellent read so far!
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Have a little bit of time this morning, going to review the warband of Tobias! Lets take a look:

Sharn / Kruul / Haksa / Rakkir / Zhonjya / Jaeger / Styx

Role: 2 Aggressors, 2 Supporters, 1 Hybrid, 1 Defender, 1 Soulgazer
Race: 5 Orcs, 1 Goblin, 1 Human

First thing that jumps out with this warband is FIVE orcs, the only one missing is the psuedo-Orc of Skoll Bonestorm. One of the things that Orcs have I find is that they have a statline with MOV 4 AGI 4 and ~15HP to start that while sort of middle of the road in the game, doesn't make them susceptible to as many specific strategies (Humans essentially live in this same situation). It also makes Orcs one of the races that has a lot of options where a well placed item can take a model to the next level. For just a second let it sink in that you can give Sharn the Boots of Agility and Haksa the Glyph of Warding, that can make for some very frustrating experiences. Rakkir with the Blood Sucker can keep himself alive a long time too and so on. I would say that its not even a bad idea to consider the Ring of Power for Kruul here.

Speaking of Kruul, lets talk about some synergies! With 5 Orcs on the board potentially, Frenzy has never been more terrifying than it is with this warband. If you thought that Zhonjya hurt you before, just wait until she's on 7hp with Frenzy and hitting you for 4/5/7. Could lead to some sneaky attempts at some of the effigies as well. Also, just to talk about Kruul a bit more, this is the ONLY Kruul in the entire league and I'm excited to see what he can do for this warband to prove to folks to take another look at him. Proper positioning with him can absolutely wreck anyone from being able to get some of the souls. Also good luck to his opponents ever keeping a soul actually ON a model between Jaeger and Kruul both pulling them off.

Something worth commentary too, Tobias definitely has THE selections for the league with Sharn, Styx and Haksa which are the top three most taken heroes for the league. Seems that folks definitely had a lot of faith in those models, so we'll see if they perform! That brings us into discussion on the support package that Tobias has here. Styx, Jaeger and Haksa all have a lot of strength that they bring to the table. I do think that Styx is going to be trickier than ever to use, but still brings a huge heap of unique abilities and frankly the two nerfs that he got were absolutely needed. Haksa slots basically into any warband right now and brings a lot of tools to the game, definitely a great inclusion. Jaeger is another one that can synergize with basically everything, so I don't think that he'll regret that inclusion whatsoever. Also, as mentioned, Jaeger+Kruul is going to be tough for opponents to keep souls that they manage to get. I'm going to mention her here, but Sharn brings all of the strong Defender things you'd expect and also has some movement tricks much like Styx that are going to be important I think.

That leads into the Aggressor choices of Rakkir and Zhonyja. Typically I'm not the biggest fan of pairing the two of them up, mostly because they sort of behave a bit similarly in that they want to get a 2d6 blow-up, and they want at LEAST a single fate. Realistically, they often both need to have about 2 fate because its reasonably likely that you're going to need a re-roll to make sure that you're getting the condition off that you need. That said, other than Equilibrium there aren't really a lot of other uses of Fate and with this warband I think you could realistically do alright with a single aggressor if you play for souls. Its a good thing too, because I think that Tobias is likely to see a lot of Zhonjya bans since there feels like there isn't quite enough damage here without her.

I think that positioning is going to be absolutely key for this warband, because it doesn't innately have a ton of survivability in the heroes, but it does have a lot of ways to move models in and out of trouble. The other bans that I think folks might target are going to be Sharn and Haksa since without either of them there isn't going to be a lot of very tough out of the box models. However, having both means that you'll always get at least one of them, and I definitely think at least one of them ends up in play every game. Being able to get the right items on the right models, being able to use the terrain to advantage, and being able to get any of the out of trouble movement shenanigans into the right place is going to be key.

The thing that I'm keen to see from here though is actually how Kruul does. Being the only one in the league there's a lot of pressure on the Witch Doctor to show everyone that there's another option they should be considering for their Soul Gazer choice.
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More warband analysis!  This time CrySocorro, lets take a look:

Sharn / Skoll / Piper / Zaffen / Kvarto / Styx / Thorgar

Role: 2 Aggressor, 2 Defender, 2 Hybrid, 1 Support
Race: 2 Orc, 2 Human, 1 Elf, 1 Dwarf, 1 Minotaur

Few heroes we have talked about a lot already, and a couple we haven't really seen much of yet. To hit on the most common things we have seen in the warbands is continued focus on heroes who can reposition models either friendly or enemy with Sharn, Styx and Kvarto. All of this should do a lot of work to setup Zaffen for some particularly nasty turns if played out correctly. I'm not going to go too hard on this since I've talked about these heroes in the other reviews, but they are all bringing quite a few tools to the Shadow Plane.

When we start to look at the actual aggressors, I'm reading Plan A really hard with this warband as being lets get Zaffen to just deal out a ton of damage. That said, with the only other actual aggressor being Thorgar I think that its likely that Zaffen earns himself quite a few bans throughout the league. If not, Cry's opponents better have a plan for being moved into the most optimal position for Zaffen to just demolish from 10" away! On the other side, Thorgar is always consistent. He can keep himself alive throughout a long game and just kind of slowly contribute to what's going on.

Now then, you might think that this is a one-dimensional warband that is likely to fall on its face if Zaffen is banned. Nope! One of the things about this warband is that nearly every model in it has the ability to contribute to damage. Sharn plinks some in with her fate ability and a few other attacks. Skoll, especially with an assist or a Knockdown can do quite a bit of damage. Everyone in the warband can actually help make sure that Piper is hitting nearly as hard as Thorgar. Kvarto and Styx aren't bringing AS much damage, but they can both definitely contribute. This is the scarier line-up in some ways because you're going to have a hard time pinning down exactly where the damage is going to come from, and every model that remains has some measure of resilience built into their kit.

Only remaining place that is a tad on the weak side is the lack of a dedicated Soulgazer. However, FOUR models are coming in with a Soul Harvest value of 4 and Styx brings a 5 so I think that concern has been sufficiently mitigated.  I think with this warband what I'll be watching for is what opponent's are actually looking to ban based on the warband that they bring. I think that it will often look like an obvious choice to be made and Cry is going to pull out some surprises on them.
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I'm at work, but its a bit slow this morning so we're going to do an analysis of Jerick's warband!

Bastian / Rakkir / Thrommel / Skoll / Saiyin / Zhonyja / Kvarto

Role: 2 Aggressor, 2 Defender, 1 Support, 1 Hybrid, 1 Soulgazer
Race: 3 Orc, 2 Human, 1 Dwarf, 1 Elf

This warband has kind of a different take than a lot of others do, and that seems to be that it has multiple powerful combos. What happens with this is that you're forcing your opponent into a situation where Jerick either gets Bastian+Skoll or gets Kvarto+Thrommel, so pick your poison. Its actually a very compelling idea to do for a warband and I'll be very interested to see how it works.

For the uninitiated, let me break those combos down a bit. First, Bastian+Skoll. Skoll is almost a Hybrid who happens to have a Defender ability and is labeled Defender, but otherwise he actually is flexible and has a lot of offensive capability. Skoll does 2/3/4 for damage but has dual wield which means he has a potential of putting out Aggressor-type damage numbers BUT with MEL 5 you're normally rolling a single die and just chipping in 2 damage 50% of the time. However, if you add in Bastian for a crowd-out and Heroic Ballad, now he's a MEL 7 like most aggressors. Throw in the Vorpal blade potentially, especially since with this warband there's no good reason not to, and Skoll can put a lot of DPS out and be quite a pain in the ass to kill. Bastian of course pairs up well also with all the rest of the melee in the army, definitely helping Rakkir to get more likely with his Poison.

The other combo is Kvarto+Thrommel. The strength here is that Thrommel has a massive damage track of 4/5/7, BUT its a 2A attack so you're normally only getting the one charge off, you do the Stun and Knockdown and that's it. However, with Mind Control you can get another swing of that hammer, and if you do the order of activations right, you'll get a lot of dice since the target is probably knocked down. That's in addition to Kvarto just having a lot of strengths.

One of the things that pops out with this is that it probably seems like if you ban an Aggressor that the warband would be light on damage, but because of the combos above that will likely prove not to be the case.

My critique of this is that I would have played into the combos actually harder. I would have replaced Zhonyja with Zaffen, and probably Rakkir with Nephenee or Brok. Then for Saiyin I might have looked at Jaeger or Piper actually. If you're going to force your opponent into uncomfortable bans might as well go all-in! That said, the options he's gone with here actually are perhaps a bit more consistent in that they're just always decent picks in Saiyin, Rakkir and Zhonyja.

What I'll be watching for here is which combo to his opponents hand over? Will that be the right choice for them?
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MOAR Analysis! Wankekong, lets get into it:

Doenrakkar / Gendris / Thorgar / Zhonyja / Saiyin / Bastian / Jaeger

Role: 2 Aggressors, 2 Supports, 1 Hybrid, 1 Soulgazer, 1 Defender
Race: 3 Minotaurs, 1 Orc, 1 Human, 1 Elf, 1 Goblin

So, what's going on here? I'd say what we have actually is a very straight-forward approach to the game. I would say that this warband is looking to drop ideally the first 4 heroes and then splash in one of the remaining three and then come at you.  That first portion of the list is going to have a LOT of staying power as well with Doenrakkar and Gendris. I actually want to talk about Gendris for a bit because I think she's currently being a bit over-shadowed by Haksa who a lot of people feel sits in a similar role of that off-tank. Gendris is a model that has a lot of modes she can be in, and which one just depends on the situation. A lot of people think that Haksa has more survivability because of more healing and +1 AGI, however, Gendris having Regeneration means that she's getting healing without spending a single fate or action, and she's still bringing 3" melee and RES 1. Also, this has come up in a few places, but her having Pathfinder and the ability to put Pathfinder out there can be of great benefit with those central walls on the Scorched Earth. In general, knowing what to do with her every turn is a great asset, and if you do she's going to be brutal for an opponent.

Most of these heroes I've talked some about, but I want to touch on Saiyin and Bastian a bit. They obviously bring some unique tools to this warband, but one of the biggest things that they bring is the ability to prevent or remove the Fire condition. With plan A being 3 Minotaurs, having access to something like that is absolutely key. Also, by having both of them, you can ensure that you're definitely going to get at least one of them. It also means that there will be at least one model who is quite good at grabbing souls when you need them to. They both allow him to get some more healing into the warband too. Definitely fit here.

You also don't see a ton of Doenrakkar, but he can definitely shut down a lot of the 1" melee folks out there and is another great asset if you can get him onto the backline and spend that fate. He also brings a pretty big stick to swing around and is absolutely brutal to try to take down without some pretty specialized tools (do NOT Stoneform into a level 3 Brok!). That said, what he is not is flexible beyond trying to swing that beat stick and being hard to kill. You aren't getting Knockdown out of him, or a lot of movement like Skye and Sharn, and so on. He's a rock, and you want to put him somewhere and own that somewhere.

The concern I have looking at this warband is that there are only 2 aggressors in the mix and the rest of the warband isn't exactly the type that will crank out a lot of damage. However, it does still have some avenues to that such as Doen and Gendris getting some work done mostly. I won't be surprised to see either of the aggressors banned out. That will of course leave him open to have Saiyin and Jaeger though and into a tough warband meaning they're going to have a harder time getting souls and when they do he'll be there to punish it one way or another.

Biggest things I'll be looking for here is how the warband plays when one of those primary 4 are banned out, and how Gendris performs throughout the league!
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Time to do one of the reviews I think y'all have been waiting for! I'm going to delve into 50% of the creative mind behind Judgement and we're going to review the warband of Andrew "Guns" Galea! Lets get into it!

Sharn / Kogan / Haksa / Brok / Rakkir / Marcus / Jaeger

Role: 3 Aggressors, 2 Defenders, 1 Support, 1 Hybrid
Race: 3 Orc, 1 Minotaur, 1 Human, 1 Dwarf, 1 Goblin

Everyone is certainly looking into what is going on with this warband, especially given that obviously he has intense knowledge of the game! Keep in mind, that can be a detriment as well since there are a lot of things that he's thinking about that have changed and/or haven't released yet so it might actually even out. But what's going on with this warband? Well the first thing to note is that there is not a soulgazer here, so he's clearly planning to be aggressive and leverage the 4 heroes with Soul Harvest 4 to carry the rest.

Three aggressors is actually on the high end, but all of these were chosen with purpose for sure. Rakkir in the hands of the guy who made him almost 5 years ago now can be absolutely terrifying. Brok is always a steady threat, and with all of the Sharn and Marcus's running around if he gets to level 3 he will be absolutely terrifying! Kogan getting some buffs has a lot of different ways to add to warband as something of Bruiser.  With three aggressors there is not going to be a situation where you're banning him out of damage like I've commented on a lot of the warbands that only have 2. That said, surprisingly, I think that an aggressor ban might be the thing to look for into this warband. RES notwithstanding, Rakkir has one of the few big blow-up spells in the warband, and if you do have RES Brok might end up being scary. Definitely don't overlook an aggressor ban here.

Sharn and Marcus are 2 sides of a similar coin, and provide a ton of utility and survivability. Lots of knockdowns, lots of control, lots of different ways to keep the warband doing what it does, as well as just being a paint to take down. Didn't bring something that can handle AGI 4 (or possibly 5 from an item) and then RES 2, you could be in trouble. Then again, if you can get around either of these models you could be in for a good time.

I think a lot of folks will be tempted to ban out either Jaeger or Haksa, but really these slot into all of these compositions and pretty well. But the thing here is that while they do enhance things they aren't part of the direct plan of the warband, in my opinion, of doing damage. If you want to stop healing though, Haksa is definitely one of the strongest at that right now. Jaeger is particularly strong into things like elves and anything else that isn't going to survive much from getting a Retarius.

I'll be watching this one for nearly everything, given that Guns won the last league it'll definitely tempting to root for the underdog this time around. I'll really be curious to see when people finally start looking to ban out Rakkir against him 😉
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I'll be watching this one for nearly everything, given that Guns won the last league it'll definitely tempting to root for the underdog this time around. I'll really be curious to see when people finally start looking to ban out Rakkir against him 😉

Two wins from two games so far and Rakkir is yet to be banned. 🙂 LOVIN' IT!!!
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We shall see how my time goes today, but the next two warband discussions have to be had back to back in order to really discuss their juxtaposition correctly. Look later today (hopefully) for GuardDog and Tirrith's warbands to be in the hot seat!
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Now its time for some interesting analysis of warbands, these will be back-to-back (but still separate posts) and first up is GuardDog!

Doenrakkar / Xyvera / Thorgar / Kogan / Gendris / Haksa / Sharn

Role: 2 Defenders, 2 Aggressors, 2 Supports, 1 Soulgazer
Race: 5 Minotaur, 2 Orc

Well, lets just get this out of the way, the obvious bovine in the room is that there are 5 Minotaurs in this warband (out of a possible 5), and its also interesting that its rounded out with 2 Orcs and 1-1 of any of the races. GuardDog is the everlasting Minotaur fanbull and we all knew that we would almost certainly see a hardcore commitment to a cattle herd. So lets dig into this a bit further!

First, I'm just going to talk about his prime 5 Minotaurs which is definitely rare to see. My personal take on bringing basically a single race to your warband is that you're probably not building an ideal warband because there are just stronger abilities to be gained by making a mix of things. Additionally IF I were to recommend a warband with a singular focus it would not be Minotaurs. The reason for that is that with AGI 3 and actually not that much in the way of access to RES (only Doenrakkar and Gendris) they are definitely banking hard on their increased HP and Regeneration to keep them from getting butchered. Also, a warband like this is definitely risking being well done if the opponent brings a lot of fire to the table.

However, on the other side one of the things that the running of the bulls does provide is that there actually is not a big need for spending Fate from this warband. Doen, Xyvera, Thorgar and even Gendris all have pretty situational fate abilities, and Kogan is happy to use it on Battle Cry but definitely can do fine if he doesn't need to. Another thing is that the natural regeneration of the herd definitely can help Xyvera be one tough old cow dealing out the true damage and keeping the warband very healed up. Doenrakkar isn't the most ideal of Defender with Xyvera, but is a solid option. Thorgar is definitely capable of being the ox that carries this warband too, just consistently doing good damage while the rest of the warband is slowly just gazing on the life of the enemy to help get those kills.

Paired up with this, because bans will happen and he didn't have access to 7 Minotaurs, GuardDog opted to add in 2 Orcs. First, lets talk about Haksa, as I've mentioned previously I think that he's probably still one of the absolutely strongest choices that anyone can bring in their warband, and personally pairing him with Xyvera can be absolutely devastating to the opponent. I've actually played that combo and killed a Nephenee without ever needing to make an attack roll for example. His healing helps to make sure the cutting that Xyvera is doing is always making work happen, and then he's also doing damage and contributing to helping everyout out. Sharn has been quite in the spot light too, brings another hard to kill model with tricks to the options for the warband, making sure if you want to be very, very tough to chew on that she's there to pair with Doen, or she can step in for him if he were to be sent out to the pasture.

I would say the two options chosen to pair up here do make the list tougher, but they also expose another concern I would have which is what do you do if Thorgar (more likely IMO) or Kogan are the ones that have to stand around in the field while everyone else is getting to be in the stampede on the Shadow Plane? You're really going to hope that you're going milk enough extra damage out of Haksa, Gendris and Xyvera to make enough of an impact.

So what do we look for here? Basically we're trying to see if the all-Minotaur warband is going to be Grade A or turned into hamburger I think is what we're looking at. I suspect if opponent's brought the right tools that GuardDog is going to be in trouble, and if they didn't they might be the ones who are getting the horns!
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And now, to talk about nemesis of GuardDog, its time to take a look at the warband of the other creator of the game, Tirrith!

Saiyin / Piper / Allandir / Istariel / Skye / Thorgar / Kogan

Role: 4 Aggressors, 1 Hybrid, 1 Defender, 1 Soulgazer
Race: 5 Elves, 2 Minotaurs

Obviously we can see why I chose to do this warband and the one immediately proceeding it at basically the same time (I actually didn't even walk away from my desk or the page really between posts). We have basically the most skewed warbands in the league back to back (along with Tobias who brought 5 Orcs, but their stats are a bit more neutral). You might think that I have a lot of similar things to say about this warband having 5 elves since I started the last post going on about having 5 Minotaurs. I do think that there are a few things that the elves are weak to, they are high AGI and low HP which definitely makes them susceptible to anything that doesn't require a hit, or can lower their AGI, or even just a slow, steady trickle of damage. However, IF you were going to take an entire warband of the same race I actually rate Elves probably as the best one to do it with (and actually Orcs probably just behind them). A big reason for that is that they all have a lot of strong combat manuevers, and high agility which is pretty tough to deal with, while also having 3 different options for aggressors.

Lets look more specifically at what the warband brings though. The elvish side of the warband, if Tirrith were to play all 5 elves, he's got 2 very difficult to deal with elves in the form of Piper and Skye to be basically in the front of things, and then behind them he has Istariel and Allandir just constantly barraging you with damage. If you don't ban one of the two of them, there is a pretty big potential for Istariel's fate ability to just go nuts. Then you're rounding it out with a great choice in soul gazer with Saiyin, who also is going to bring some additional healing to the warband that it kind of wants with Skye spreading damage around. I would probably aim to pick up healing items for this warband too, Saiyin helps, but I think both the Minotaur Essense and the Bloodsucker are going to be great buys for this warband.

Then this is paired up with a pair of Minotaurs that bring TWO more aggressors to the warband, which means there is absolutely no possibility of a lack of damage being something that Tirrith's warband will have. I also think that the Minotaurs go really well with Skye's ability to spread a damage around because of their Regeneration, and they always appreciate Saiyin bringing Holy Shield to keep them from being grilled with fire. Also, both being comfort able in the mix typically can allow for Piper to have a good partner for Backstab.

So, seems I've been gushing, so what's the potential weakspot of the list? Probably that it is not nearly as sturdy as a lot of the other warbands out there. Many of them have some significant healing from the likes of Bastian and/or Haksa, they have more RES, a 2nd full defender, etc. Additionally, this warband has a lot of ranged, so good diving and/or careful positioning can really help. All of the Sharn out there providing cover isn't entirely something that Allandir wants to see, though, if he gets his fate ability off he loves that there are people bunched up. Another potential weak area is that Saiyin might be a wise ban to have since she's going to be the only model who really wants to grab a soul (though Piper or Skye will do it from time to time), but if you ban out Saiyin prepare to be facing a lot of aggression!

What are we looking for here? Well how does the elf nation do of course, and are the minotaur subjects they dragged along with them going to be of significant help? Will the highest amount of Aggressors be actually better off than most everyone else bringing more utility and more defensive abilities?
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Excellent write up on both Warbands Chedder! You nailed the theory behind my choices. So far it worked well in the league, we will see how it goes for the rest of the games. 
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Back by special request, today I have our only player hailing from the EU, M4gnetic!

Thorgar / Skoll / Sharn / Styx / Svetlana / Jaeger / Viktor

Role: 2 Defenders, 2 Aggressors, 1 Support, 1 Hybrid, 1 Soulgazer
Race: 2 Orcs, 2 Humans, 1 Minotaur, 1 Dwarf, 1 Goblin

So, what do we have here? What I honestly see is just a collection of some very strong pieces and comfort pics for M4gnetic from recalling some things that he likes. You might be thinking "Wow, harsh bro!", but that's just because you think that was a negative and in fact I do not.  One of the things you are absolutely going to be dealing is a warband that is not easy to kill unless maybe you brought a lot of fire. Thorgar, Skoll, Sharn and Svetlana are all going to do work and none of them are particularly easy targets to get on, especially for a melee army, you will absolutely be dealing with 3 out of the 4 I think in every game.

The other thing this warband absolutely has: Monster control. Between Styx and Svetlana a monster can get 9" of movement, which can be considerable. On the Scorched Earth you're normally dealing with some pretty potent monsters too, so prepare for them to be in your face the entire game. Also, with Jaeger, if his opponents go in on a monster and don't get the job done, its probably going to be a kill steal for Jaeger with his Monster Hunter.

Viktor is someone I haven't gotten to talk about with as many of these warbands as I'd like, but I think right now he's arguably the best aggressor in the game now that he has access to Dor'gokkan. At the very least, he's the most flexible since he can flip the switch and help defensively by bringing Al'gorath out. If you don't get past that really thick front line back to the juicy halfling center, you're going to be greeted with a couple of swings with that demon sword, if you came in holding a soul .. well. Not for long! Viktor also brings some curse which can be strong, and a lot of damage from range (don't forget that Dorg can also throw out damage from a magic attack and MAG 8!). I think if people aren't banning Viktor by the end there will have been a grave mistake.

With the rest of the warband though, I'd say one of the concerns will sound familiar: How much damage can it do? I would be looking to get rid of Viktor or Thorgar unless I felt really good about my tools for dealing with them. If that is the ban, the plan of throwing monsters and hard to kill front line is going to have to make it through. It can make it though, Styx + Svetlana ensures that he always has someone very good at grabbing souls, and he has plenty of models that can sit around a soul pit and help!

What am I looking for here? Mostly how much Viktor wrecks people with demons! But it'll be nice to see how the heavier front of this list plays out as well.
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BAmick wrote:

Saiyin can give herself a reroll


Svetlana can SG twice in a turn

Xyvera can SG through another model

Zaron can harvest through his Skeleton


Kruul is the only one without anything that helps him soul gaze.  That puts him at the worst at soul gazing in my book.  But I think he has one of if not the most powerful tool kit as a model out of all the soul gazers.

Kruul doesn't make himself better at soulgazing but he does make your opponent worse. Soul Distortion is a super powerful ability and particularly brutal on warbands without a soulgazer.

You can have a go at my warband if you want but I tend to use the vassal leagues to test out theories I have in a competitive environment as I am at the stage of mostly playing teaching games locally and I like to play more familiar warbands at tournaments. This warband has been designed to do one specific thing I think might give a player an advantage and I want to see how important it ends up being over the course of a league.
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Well, if Tort wants some analysis, he gets it! Lets take a look:

Allandir / Brok / Fazeal / Styx / Saiyin / Kvarto / Doenrakkar

Role: 3 Aggressors, 1 Support, 1 Hybrid, 1 Soulgazer, 1 Defender
Race: 2 Elves, 2 Humans, 1 Dwarf, 1 Undead, 1 Minotaur

Tort says, pretty much right above this post unless someone else chimes in fast, that this is designed to do one specific thing. Its entirely possible that I won't see this the same way he does though, so we'll just see what we see.  First, one of the obvious parts that sticks out to me is that it has the control your opponent's models package of Kvarto and Styx. We have seen a lot out of that duo in the league this time around, and that's because it can make it very easy for people to manipulate the board into a state where they should be able to get the kill that they want. The two provide more than that as well, but I think those plays are the thing that folks are looking at the hardest when including those models.

However, we have some great movement pieces, but if we're moving things around, who are we using Mind Control on to actually do some damage? Well, there's quite the package of offensive-output available here. In classic Tort fashion, the aggressors in this warband are only sparingly using Fate, with Allandir probably being the top use early on, and Brok maybe later if there are some high RES models running around (with all the Sharn in the league there's a good chance of this).  With the way this warband works there is almost no way that you aren't going to be dealing with 3 shots from Allandir every turn, which probably produces more damage than Zaffen more consistently? Its close. I can see too that there are plenty of opportunities where it will setup Fazeal for some solid charges.  Lastly, one of the things that this warband definitely CAN likely do is kill an effigy pretty fast. Brok still gets backswing on an effigy, Allandir can put 12 damage on with the right placement, Fazeal can definitely do a number as well. If either of the melee aggressors get their hands on a Demonic Blade on this map, look out!

The rest of the warband is just solid stuff to me. Saiyin is always a quality Soulgazer to have in the mix, and we're all sort of waiting to see how her change to her attack is working out. Doenrakkar is still the tankiest thing around when in Stone Form, and as long as you can keep fire off of him (which you can because of Saiyin). Styx plays the part of the back-up soulgazer pretty well too, and even Kvarto can help out with that.

I suppose about the only real weakness might be that if Doenrakkar is banned out that it won't really have much ability to sit on a particular point, but the warband is highly mobile so it can probably just do its best to kite the enemy the whole time when that happens. Since it doesn't need a ton of fate either, not getting a shrine isn't going to be as killer for this warband as it might be otherwise.

I'm not sure there's a huge "watching for this" coming out of the analysis of this warband. It should be decently resilient to bans, it has a lot of subtle things it can do. Mostly, I'm hoping for some classic Tort commentary coming out of the league!
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