We're definitely well underway in the league now, but there are definitely some marquee match-ups in each of the pools that very well can define how things will end up looking at the end as we go into the play-offs! I'm going to use this thread to break down some of those match-ups.

If there is a match-up in particular that anyone seems to think is going to be pivotal in the league, definitely post and I'll talk about it. Or you can talk about it too, that's what these things are for!
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Here's the first match-up we'll discuss

Pool A: Guns vs JoffreyBeiber

Guns: Sharn / Kogan / Haksa / Brok / Rakkir / Marcus / Jaeger
JoffreyBeiber: Sharn / Doenrakkar / Styx / Saiyin / Kogan / Viktor / Nephenee

Why did I pick this match? Well, we have the champion from season 2 of Vassal going up against the champion of season 1. These Judgement young-ins don't really know the terror that Joffrey used to run through on Vassal back in the day, but if you think TheGuardDog gets a lot of games in on there now, he's probably still got some work to do to catch up to what this fella was doing a year ago. Guns of course made the game and delights in using it to show us all that he's the best player at the thing he's been familiar with longer than anyone else who's possibly playing. So we'll have quite the match-up here if you ask me, even though perhaps some might not have recognized it initially. The league stats are showing me that this will be good too, as of the time of me typing up this post they have not played and Guns is 3 for 3 and Joffrey is 2 for 2, both at the top of their pool.

They'll be playing on Map 1, which means we're looking at 3 soul pits, couple of random monsters, an Eldir shrine quite a ways to the side and of course trusty Inferno off in his pool of lava. Looking immediately at what the pick and ban analysis between these two, I think that Saiyin / Styx being in Joffrey's warband while having 3 soul pits on the map is really going to have to dictate the draft. Now mind you, that doesn't mean that either of them will be the correct ban target, but if they're not being accounted for its going to be a long day for Guns. On the other side, I think that there is just a lot of steadiness to the warband that Guns is bringing, but I suspect that Rakkir is likely sitting this one out unless Haksa really seems concerning. There will be a bit of sleeping on Brok, who on this map is going to have plenty of monsters he can take down, but I also won't be too surprised if he ends up being Cursed and targeted by the formidable DPS crew that Joffrey is bringing.

Don't think that its all Joffrey in the driver seat here though either. A lot of the damage that he's bringing doesn't super love dealing with a lot of RES, and Guns has 3 models that are bringing some RES to the game, and Brok can use Savagery possibly to frustrate the attempts to kill him as well. Jaeger is another spot in Guns warband that I don't think Joffrey will look to ban but will be a very strong tool in Guns arsenal for dealing with some of the high AGI out there, and giving Brok some places to prioritize getting those crits!

I'll be very keen to hear how this one goes. I think the bans are going to dictate a lot, as they will in many games. However, is Joffrey back in enough "fighting shape" to take on the creative mind behind Judgement? Will Guns streak of destroying all of the players of his game come to an end? Will there be friendly heckling from all of us no matter the outcome? Well, yes to that last one, but we'll have to see how those other questions go soon!
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I have had this match pencilled in my diary since seeing the draw, looking forward to locking horns with Beiber again. My record against him in dismal so will be interesting to see whether anything has changed. The fact he has played so few games for months now will have to have some negative impact on his play.

Without putting too much thought into it I am thinking of banning Viktor, or possibly Nephenee.

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