I said I was going to do this on the vassal ages ago, wrote it, almost finished it, saw a shiny thing and forgot about it. Then the judgement day guys were talking about it too so I finished it off and here it is: How Tort builds warbands

The way I like to build warbands is to start off with a warband archetype. I think the best way to explain is to actually go into examples of warbands I’ve built.

  • Ranged Aggressors / Forwards Defenders
The idea is simple – your opponent has to fight tanky defenders because your squishy damage dealers are hiding behind them in the back field. For this to work you really need three defenders or two defenders and one tanky dude who is kind of a defender otherwise your opponent bans a defender and you cry a little inside. Marcus is the best defender hands down for this build. Sharn and Thrommel are good, Haksa can play as an off tank and do the defender job. Otherwise Doenrakkar is a good choice. Avoid Skye.

Then you go to your ranged dudes, Kogan, Barny and Lori are good starting points because they can kill a dinged up monster in melee, get to level 2 and make great use of the heartseeker or Armour shredder or other offensive item. I like to mix it up and get magic and ranged attack models because then I don’t have item overlap, for example if there is an Ashtooth on my side of the table I can easily get a Heartseeker and a Ring of Power. Rakkir can play in this build even though he isn’t a ranged aggressor provided you make good use of your orbs and keep teleporting him back. That said I never really liked him in this build.

Then you fill out the warband, you need to make sure you can answer some questions – who is going to kill the monster? who needs magic items and how are you getting them? How are you going to deal with models with RES? and who is going to spend your fate. You need at least 3 decent ranged dudes again so you can’t get banned out and then you can fill the last spot with a strong support or a soulgazer.

Example Builds:
Sharn, Marcus, Haksa, Alladir, Istariel, Kogan, Saiyin.
Sharn, Marcus, Doenrakkar, Zaffen, Kogan, Kvarto, Zaron
You have some strong synergies to tempt bans and decent back up configurations, a good mix of fate light and fate hungry models and models that can kill monsters in melee and have strong level 2 abilities. 
  • Dice stacking and burst damage
For this build what you want are multiple models with strong easy to apply dice buffs and then other models that take that dice buff and turn it all the way to 11. Examples of good dice buff models are Bastian, Jaegar and Marcus. Examples of models that turn that extra dice into massive damage are Brok – crit on all your non charge attacks and kill everything. Nephenee – crit on your dual attacks. Zhonyja crit multiple times then throw 2+ dice of fate damage. Loribella - spring loaded every attack.

I want at least two preferably 3 dice fixers. Unlike my first warband this works in 3s so you can also take 2 dice fixers in 3s and be happy. Then you want 2-3 models that absolutely go nuts with those extra dice. Then you want to round out your warband. Unlike the above warband you don’t automatically get good shrine contesting models so you want to make sure you have that. You still need to look out for which models need fate, which need items and make sure they don’t need the same one (looking and Nephenee and Brok here). You don’t have to worry about monster killing though, you have that naturally you just need to know who you want to kill the monster and how you are going to get magic items to the models that need/want them. As well as how you are going to kill high RES models.

Example Builds:
Bastian, Marcus, Jaegar, Brok, Skoll, Zhonyja, Kruul
Bastian, Marcus, Brok, Skoll, Saiyin
Jaegar, Marcus, Thrommel, Loribella, Brok, Zaffen, Xyvera

  • Movement Shenanigans
This warband is all about the movement shenanigan models (mostly Styx and Kvarto) and building warbands to capitalise on those shenanigans. To start you take Styx and Kvarto, I would also suggest taking Sharn but you don't need her. Then you want models that really benefit from being moved around or having enemies perfectly placed. So for example the 1" ranged models who can be taxied into aiming positions. Also melee models like Zhonyja and Brok who really benefit from starting in melee and getting extra gang ups and who also like to be pulled out of danger to bank once your opponent tries to focus fire them down.

Then you got to the next step - round out the warband. How will you contest shrines? Crack RES? Kill monsters? Who is going to spend your fate and who is going to go without? Who needs items and how are you going to get them? I also like to put in some synergies here either to draw out bans or sneak in under the radar and avoid bans. Giving away a bit here for the vassal league but people tend to ban Zaffen/Kvarto but Allandir/Kvarto only does one less damage and often rolls an extra die and won't get banned.

Example Builds:
Styx, Kvarto, Brok, Zaffen, Fazeal, Sharn, Saiyin.
Styx, Kvarto, Nephenee, Allandir, Sharn, Zhonyja, Xyvera.
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