Tirrith and I are going to be streaming a narrative campaign over the next three weeks (very) loosely based on the classic Warcraft RTS series. The campaign comprises of 3 separate battles that are linked via events from one impacting the next. We also introduce some fun variations on the standard play that add some spice to proceedings. I will be playing Alliance, and Tirrith will be playing Orcs.

Warcraft Campaign

Orcs :- Haksa, Sharn, Skoll, Kruul, Rakkir, Zhonyja
Minotaurs :- Gendris, Doenrakkar, Xyvera, Kogan, Thorgar


Humans :- Kvarto, Bastian, Styx, Marcus, Zaron, Viktor
Elves :- Allandir, Istariel, Nephenee, Piper, Saiyin, Skye


Dwarfs :- Barnascus, Loribela, Thrommel, Svetlana, Brok, Zaffen

Battle 1: Orcs vs Humans - 3v3 Cobblestone

Separate orc and human armies have been searching the Basgate mountains for a magical shrine that is rumoured to exist there. Despite several months campaigning, neither has managed to discover the shrine. Scouts have discovered the rival forces, however, they have not crossed each other's paths. That was until this morning. The orc and human armies have arrived at the ruins of an old city, deep within the mountains and they are sure the magical shrine they so covet is within their grasp.

Rules of Engagement
  • Each player start with 6 heroes each. Players chooses which 3 to start the battle with. Upon a hero dying, the 4th, 5th and 6th heroes spawn in their place, however, once a player runs out of heroes, there are no other re-spawns for the rest of the game.
  • The order of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd re-spawns do not have to be nominated at the start of the battle, they can be chosen when/if they are required.
  • Magical Artefacts are not allowed - the shrine is a "Well of Power". Controlling it at any stage will unlock artefacts, for that faction, for the next battle.
Campaign Impact of Battle
  • Winner will unlock their entire allied race (elves or minotaurs respectively).
  • Loser unlocks a single hero from their allied race.

Vod of battle #1 :- 
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Battle 2 - Placeholder

Horde vs Alliance (Orcs + allies vs Humans + allies) - 5v5 Cobblestone

Narrative TBA
  • Hero levels gained in the 1st battle are kept for battle 2.
    • Zhonyja level 3, Kruul level 3 for horde.
  • 5v5 pick & ban. Players will pick 7 from their available heroes.
    • Alliance is the 6 humans + 1 elf of Guns' choice.
    • Horde is the 6 orcs + all 5 minotaurs.
  • Jaegar will be trapped in a magical cage (shrine) and can be rescued to join as an ally for the 3rd battle.
  • The Well of Power (shrine) will be available for either player to once again unlock magical artefacts, if they have not already done so, for battle 3.
Campaign Impact of Battle
  • Winner will unlock dwarfs as an allied faction. If the winner of this battle lost the 1st battle, they can choose to unlock dwarfs of the rest of their allied (elves or minotaurs) faction.
  • If the loser of this battle also lost the 1st battle, they are able to unlock a 2nd model in their allied race.
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Battle 3 - Placeholder

Horde vs Alliance - 5v5 Scorched Earth

Narrative TBA

  • Draft mode where each player picks from their own available models only
  • Heroes can level up to levels 4 & 5.
    • Level 4 - +1 HP and +1 to any statistic
    • Level 5 - +2 HP and +1 damage
Winner of this battle is declared the winner of the campaign!
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The Horde (@Tirrith) was victorious in the 1st battle with a resounding victory. 4 Souls to nil and 4 levels to nil. 

That means the horde have unlocked their minotaur allies (all 5 of them!) while the alliance have unlocked a single elf hero (I will choose during the week).

Neither faction unlocked magical artefacts so there will still be no magical artefacts in the 2nd battle.
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Warbands for Battle 2 have been declared and we are playing on Map 5 of the 5v5 Cobblestone map.

Horde: Sharn, Skoll, Xyvera, Kruul, Zhonyja, Kogan, Thorgar
Alliance: Marcus, Kvarto, Styx, Bastian, Viktor, Zaron, Nephenee

We are play-testing fixed terrain on the 5v5 Cobblestone and are playing on map 5.

The game will be streamed live from 7:30pm Sydney time on Sunday 14th July 2019.

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